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New Christian Coaching Community Groups Beginning in September 2018!

CCNI stands for Christian Coaches Network International and CCNI’s mission statement is –

CCNI Mission

Words that help to convey what a community group might be are network and connect.  At CCNI, when we talk about new community groups, we could also include the words Holy Spirit, sister, brother, neighbor, and family.

Currently, we only have one community group – the Coaches in Europe Community (formerly, the Across the Pond Coaches).  This group is made up of coaches who live and work in Europe and they are a very connected and tight group.

However, we have had requests from CCNI members for MORE community.

Well, we have heard, we have listened, and we have developed a plan to provide MORE community groups for YOU!

CCNI will be starting two new community groups in September 2018.  One will be for men only and the other, yes, you guessed it, will be for women only.

The men’s only community group will be tentatively called The Bench – A Supportive Community for Men in Christian Coaching.  The co-facilitators, David Peterson and Thomas Kenyon, have been selected and have agreed to serve.  They are still huddling to prepare for September and will provide more details shortly. This community group will be meeting on the 2nd Friday of each month at 2pm EST.  Once we have more details we will loop you in.  We normally don’t have requirements for our events; however, this one does require that you be a guy to attend.  BE SURE TO ADD THIS EVENT TO YOUR CALENDARS NOW SO YOU DON’T MISS IT!

The women’s only community group is still in process and more details will be provided soon.  As with the men’s only community group, only women should attend this monthly event.

As for the future plans of our community groups, we hope to add several more in 2019!  Keep your ears and eyes open for upcoming details!

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