Application for a NEW CCNI Coaching Credential. 

Add a CCNI Credential to your existing Coaching Credential.

Application for CCNI Credential Renewal

Application for CCNI Credential in Slovakia


Using core coaching skills and competencies established by CCNI, we offer the premier Christian coaching credential in the industry. With a CCNI Christian coaching credential, the public is assured that you have mastered the required coaching skills and qualifications for industry-standard Christian coaching. To obtain the CCNI credential – Christian coaches must:

  • Be or become a current member in good standing with CCNI.
  • Comply with rigorous accountability to ethical standards of practice.
  • Demonstrate true coaching experience, (real clients, not just scenarios or role-plays).
  • Receive qualified mentor coaching from an instructor who has obtained professional Christian coaching credentials.
  • Require professional references from Christian peers in the coaching industry.
  • A New Christian Coaching Credential is $200 for Members and $400 for Non-Members which includes one year membership with CCNI.


A credential is sometimes called a certification which can create some confusion. The key difference is that the credential is awarded through an objective third party other than a specific training school. Credentials demonstrate you have met the standards of competency for the industry as a whole as compared to distinct requirements of your training school which vary greatly. Here is a quick summary of nuances between credentialing and certification:



  • Confirm you have met the standards of competency for the industry.
  • Are a voluntary process of validating knowledge, skills, and abilities beyond the scope of your coaching school.
  • Use standardized requirements for coaching skills proficiency.
  • Measure your skill development against the industry standard.
  • Are nationally recognized because they are awarded by a 3rd-party, unbiased organization.
  • Is the process of providing a certificate to show completion of your studies in a certain subject. A certificate enhances your professional expertise in the proficiencies outlined by your school.
  • Prepares you for a certain level of skill proficiency as defined by the school/program.
  • Measures your skill development against school/program standards.
  • Shows that you have satisfactorily met the requirements of your school/program.

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Become an Accredited CCNI Program

The Christian Coaches Network International (CCNI) encourages programs to become CCNI Accredited for their coach training, education, and support programs. The following are standards by which all training programs must abide. 

The purpose for CCNI providing accreditation for Christian programs is to provide a biblical based platform which is recognized as one of the highest standards of achievement within the Christian coaching industry. Coach training schools, programs, and other programs that incorporate coaching that desire CCNI’s accreditation must demonstrate Christian faith principles as well as solid coaching techniques within those programs. 

Link to Accreditation FAQ


Coach Training Classroom hours from coach training programs recognized by CCNI.
Coaching Experience Provide a log of coaching hours that includes contact information of clients. We will spot check these connections. This needs to be on an Excel spreadsheet or in table format in Word or PDF. Include these column headings: Client Name, Client Address, Client Phone or Email, Agreement Begin Date, Agreement End Date, Number of total hours coached (including pro bono, barter, or paid). Ten percent (10%) of those coaching hours need to be within 18 months of the date of application.
Mentor Coaching Six months or 10 hours with a professionally trained coach at or above the credential (if any) of the applicant. Provide proof in the form of a letter or email from your coach stating the mentor coaching relationship and timeframe or certificate of completion of mentor coaching class.
Christian References A letter of reference from your pastor or church leadership indicating proof of your consistent Christian character. Provide proof in the form of a letter of reference. This letter of reference must be dated no more than 18 months prior to the date of application.
Recording and Transcript

This is an oral exam where you demonstrate your coaching skills in a previously recorded coaching conversation. This exam is graded by seasoned professional coaches who hold a CMCC or CPCC credential.


Christian coaching is the expression of the Biblical worldview within the coaching conversation. As Christians who coach Christians, we allow for the expression of faith to be manifested and to guide client relationships and resulting coaching conversations. Therefore we are measuring both of the following:

  • Your coaching skill effectiveness against industry standards.
  • Your ability to allow for and coach around expressions of faith without crossing the boundaries of professional coaching.


Content: Applicant will submit one recording for the CCC, CPCC or CMCC credential. For the purposes of this oral demonstration, this recording must incorporate the elements and distinctions of the Christian faith. 

(If you have any questions on what those might be, please see these Christian Coaching Competencies.)

Time: The length should be 30-45 minutes.

Transcript: A transcript of the conversation is required.

Release: The client signs a release and there is a verbal note of that release also in the introductory comments of the recording.

Sample release wording: “I, client name, authorize coach name to record this coaching session on date and agree to make it available to Christian Coaches Network International for the purpose of assessing his coaching skills.”


The Director of Credentialing will assign assessors. Should an applicant fail the exam, a second assessor who does not have previous knowledge of the first assessment will provide a separate assessment.

Assessment There is a short online quiz related to coaching and competencies.
Renewal The credential is active for three years. To renew a credential you will need to acquire 40 hours of continuing coach education and submit that log to the CCNI office electronically. Twenty of those hours must be from CCNI events. The cost to renew is $100 for members; $300 for non-members which include a one year membership with CCNI.