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CCNI will help you to become a credential Christian coach. Your Christian coaching credential is a strong affirmation that you’re not only a highly qualified coach, but you also bring the integrity, values, and insights that can only come from someone who is a Christian. Contact us and we’ll walk you through the process, giving you the best coaching credential you can have.

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CCNI wants to help you to grow your Christian coaching impact. We provide webinars, articles, events, and resources that you can use to build your coaching business, grow your client base, and have a greater impact as a Christian coach. Isn’t it time you stopped playing around the edges of the coaching business and found the framework that will build your faith-based impact.

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In the journey of Christian coaching, you’re not meant to walk alone. CCNI connects you with a fellowship of Christian Coaches who provide the support and camaraderie you need to thrive. Together, we strive to keep Christ central in our professional lives and coaching missions. Send us a message and let’s work together.

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We Care About You and Your Coaching Business

CCNI is the largest International Christian coaching support network.

When you engage with us, you will find successes in your coaching because we care about you and know what you need to take your coaching prowess and business to the next level. We have been helping Christian Coaches since 1998 and hundreds of our members are now realizing their dream of coaching to make a difference in this world and for their lives. Isn’t it time you joined us?

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At Christian Coaches Network International, we are dedicated to providing a rich array of resources and support tailored to your unique coaching niche. Members can access specialized coaching support across a wide spectrum of areas to enhance their Christian coaching practice. Our offerings are designed to assist you in expanding your business and increasing your reach in various coaching domains.


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