Christian Coaching Competencies

This work represents the alignment of the Christian Coaches Network International (CCNI) with professional coaching standards initiated by the International Coach Federation (ICF). We agree that the mechanics of coaching are powerful in their implementation to create awareness and move a client toward their personal or professional goals. We have adopted the ICF definition of professional coaching while affirming that CCNI’s premise and underlying belief system is distinctive.

While CCNI and ICF have much in common, we recognize a clear distinction in Christian coaching. As Christians who often coach Christians, we allow for the expression of faith to be manifested and to guide client relationships and resulting coaching conversations. In Christianity, we shift from humanism to a reality based on God’s presence and indwelling. In addition, CCNI is in agreement with the following Christian faith tenets:

  • Communion with God is foundational and integral to every aspect of a Christian’s life.
  • God has a plan for our lives.
  • Circumstances in life are often guided by the hand of God.
  • Choices may have eternal consequences.
  • Our faith places certain mandates and callings that should not be ignored.


CCNI Competency #1 – Demonstrates Ethical Practice

CCNI Competency #2 – Embodies A Coaching Mindset

CCNI Competency #3 – Establishes and Maintains Agreements

CCNI Competency #4 – Cultivates Trust and Safety

CCNI Competency #5 – Maintains Presence

CCNI Competency #6 – Listens Actively

CCNI Competency #7 – Evokes Awareness

CCNI Competency #8 – Facilitates Client Growth

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