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Statement of Faith

CCNI Statement of Faith

This statement of faith reflects the beliefs of the Christian Coaches Network International. The core beliefs that follow provide the foundation upon which Christian Coaches Network International stands.
Bible verses are referenced from the English Standard Version (ESV) version.


We believe there is one God, who is three co-equal eternal persons; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

The Bible

We believe that the entire Bible (from Genesis to Revelation) was put by God into the minds of men who wrote it down with their own words and style. It is the only written Word of God. It is true and without error and is the only faultless authority in Christian faith.

Jesus Christ

We believe that our Lord Jesus Christ was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of a Virgin, and is truly God and man in one person.


We believe man is different from every other living creature. Man is unique as a moral, thinking being created in the image of God. The historic fall of man into sin (through the first man Adam) brought all people under God’s judgment.

The Cross

We believe that the Lord Jesus died and shed His blood for our sins according to the scriptures. He died as our substitute that all who believe and accept Him as their Savior are saved from God’s judgment.

The Resurrection

We believe in the physical resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ who ascended to heaven and is presently there as our intercessor and advocate.

Only Way of Salvation

We believe that Jesus Christ is the only Savior. There is no other way to receive forgiveness of sins. God invites people to respond to Him in simple faith as their Savior.

Return of Christ

We believe the Lord Jesus Christ is returning soon in bodily form to earth to establish His kingdom.

Rejection of Christ

We believe all who have rejected God’s offer of salvation in His Son will be judged and receive everlasting punishment and separation from God’s presence.

The Holy Spirit

We believe that the Holy Spirit convicts people of sin, leads them to be spiritually born again, comes to live in the believer, and guides them in their Christian life.

The Church

We believe that the Church (all Christians) is the dwelling place of God through the Holy Spirit and that all believers should come together for the purpose of worship, prayer, scripture study, and fellowship. Believers are called to go out to a lost world to share the gospel. Believers have the responsibility to maintain moral and doctrinal purity within the church.

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