CCNI Board & International Leaders

CCNI International Board

The current CCNI International Board Members

Dr. Rich Weigel President of CCNI since 2020. He is credentialed as CPCC, Strengths Champion, & CPLC. Dr. Weigel specializes in Visioneering and Leadership Coaching. He is an education expert and works with schools around the country.
Kimberly O’Brien

Director at Large. She is credentialed as ACC, CCC, and Strengths Champion Coach. She specializes in Family Coaching and building legacy from generation to generation.
Bob Weinkle Vice President of CCNI and Leadership Coach. Bob is a highly qualified coach with multiple years of experience in multiple areas of life and leadership. His coaching is multifaceted for highly accomplished individuals. 
Dr. Rosalyn Smith Director of Membership. “Dr. Roz” is a Life Coach specializing in Strategic coaching. She loves to work with different groups of people to help them reach new levels of success.
Susan Litwiller Director of Education since 2021. Susan is a Life Coach specializing in Neurological Coaching.  Her insights to continued improvement efforts provide constant new insights to help her clients.
TerryAnn Porter Assisting behind the scenes since 2018, she is currently serving as Admin. TerryAnn is a Life Coach specializing in Group Coaching for Women. She is also highly trained in using the CliftonStrengths assessment to help her clients.


Pam Mertz Secretary and CCNI Presenter. Pam is a CPLC, PCC, and President of BluePrint Life Coaching, LLC. She is an author of the book, The Truth About Church Wounds and her coaching around the healing arts is powerful.
Zach Prosser Joining the Board in 2023, Zach Prosser is a global award-winning coach with experience of over 16 years in executive leadership with over 25 years of non-profit industry work. His expertise adds to his passion for life and leadership coaching.

Join our mission to grow the sacred calling of Christian Coaches.


Hebrews 13:16 (NLT) – And don’t forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God.

CCNI is inviting Christian Coaches from across the world who want to grow with us and become ambassadors and leaders for CCNI in their countries.

World Map – Where CCNI is today.
(Help us grow a legacy of Christian leaders across the world.)

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New Zealand
Druinie Perera
Dru is a Life and Leadership Coach specializing in International Coaching. She is the the author of Sabbath Coaching and a visionary in the area of “Keeping the Sabbath.”


Marián Kubeš

Marián is a PCC, CPCC and certified mentor coach. He specializes in leadership and marriage coaching. He runs a coaching school in Slovakia and heads a team of coaches throughout Eastern Europe.


United Kingdom

Catherine Gray

Catherine is a Leadership and Strenghs Coach working with people throughout the United Kingdom. She is an ACC and Strengths Champion Certified Coach. Cat does group coaching and organizational support coaching.


Mrs. Kimberly O’Brien

Kimberly is a Ministry Leadership Coach in Canada. Much of her coaching focuses on building family and generational legacy. Her unique coaching category is designed to help families throughout the world to build their generational impact while aligning those families with a godly purpose.

Join our mission to grow the sacred calling of Christian Coaches.