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What is your 2019 “Word”?

Well, it appears that 2019 has come and with it a whole new year’s worth of triumphs, challenges, and exciting opportunities.  Are you prepared and ready for the new year?

Business owners approach the beginning of a new year differently.  Some prepare by spending time working on a strategic plan for their business.  Some prefer to fly by the seat of their pants. Some like to pray for their business and ask God to provide them with insight.  (This last one can be very disconcerting when the response is “Wait a bit and I’ll get back to you!”)

One common practice, which I personally like, is selecting a word or phrase for the year.  I have talked to many CCNI coaches who have done this and it has helped to align their business efforts throughout the year.  Some of these have been “forward”, “teach”, “organize”, “focus”, “be brave”, “be intentional”, and many more.

Most of the coaches I have talked to have told me that they create something that will remind them daily of their word or phrase.  Some use a sticky note attached to their computer screen. Some have one of their children create a picture which contains the word / phrase and then they frame it.  Some make something crafty like a cross stitch they can hang on the wall in front of or beside their desk. Whatever they decide to make, it is a constant reminder to pray for their business and tends to keep their word or phrase top of mind so they don’t head down any rabbit holes during the year.  (We all know those rabbit holes can be deadly!)

Is this something that you do?  If not, maybe it is something to think about and try this year.

Let us know on Facebook what your word or phrase will be for 2019 and . . . choose wisely!  If you share with us, I will let you know what mine is.

Melodee Claassen, CCGC
CCNI Operations Manager

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