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Coaching Community

Are We There Yet?

by R.A. Weigel, Ed.D, CPCC, CLPC, and President of CCNI  Who you are today is the perfect person for your present reality, but not the

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Become a Christian Coach

The Art of Purposeful Practice

by Dr. R.A. Weigel, Ed.D., CPCC, CLPC, and President of CCNI When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly

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Christian Life

If You Hired Jesus

by R.A. Weigel, Ed.D, CCC, CLPC, and President of CCNI If you were in the position, would you hire Jesus? If you were considering his

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Book Nook


by Brian Bennett Dr. Andy Wood recently completed a book, LifeVesting, that “empowers readers to create an abundant, impactful future by the choices they make

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