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Partnering with the Competition

In God’s economy, there is no competition.

This thought that there is no competition in God’s economy has come to mind several times over the last couple of months. It came up the strongest just over a month ago at my job when someone posted a website link for a non-profit that does free fundraising training and coaching with a note that said “sounds like a major competitor for us.” My immediate thought was “Why does this have to be a competitor? Maybe they could be a partner!” So I went online and signed up for one of the webinars. A few days later I got an invitation from a local member of the group to join them in person for a watch party where we could gather in person, watch the webinar together, and enjoy a discussion with one another at the end. I jumped at the chance (to actually interact with someone in the flesh!) and was thrilled to be able to stay even longer to have a chat with the area director about how we could partner together to further God’s work! It only confirmed the idea God has been speaking to me that we should build partnerships with those the world may see as “competitors.”

And it made me think about our opportunities to do that as coaches. Do you see fellow coaches as competitors or as colleagues? I want to encourage you to see them as colleagues; co-laborers in the mission of seeing God’s fullness and redemption pour into people’s lives through coaching. Get to know your fellow coaches – learn about their qualifications, their niche, their passions and share yours with them. You may find that they are better suited to work with a client who has approached you and you can help make the connection (or vice versa!). This builds trust with the other coach, with the client, and builds a reputation that you do what’s best for the client. And I believe that when we are doing what’s best for those around us, God will provide for us in other, unexpected ways.

For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor. No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly. Lord Almighty, blessed is the one who trusts in you.  (Psalms 84:11-12)

Jenny Karr, CPLC

About the Author:

Jenny has been a fundraising coach with Tailored Fundraising Solutions for the last five years serving people in ministry – whether that be individual missionaries or non-profit leaders looking to fund the ministries God has given them.

Jenny and her family served as missionaries in SE Asia from 2012-2014 where she got an up close look at the danger of missionaries being left to fend for themselves.

Her missions is to train, equip, and support people in ministry and she has a particular passion for working with people in transition or those starting or growing their business.

Jenny has volunteered on the CCNI Board since October 2017 and currently serves at President.

Outside of work, Jenny enjoys spending as much time as possible with her husband and teenage daughter in their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

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