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Meet Emily Buikema, Social Media Maven

I was asked if I wanted to be a coach while I was sitting on a hotel bed in Lebanon, 6 days away from leaving the mission field. I also, wrongly, assumed I was 6 days away from leaving the non-profit world. Instead, I arrived in my home state of Colorado the morning of August 2nd, and began orientation as a fundraising coach for missionaries on August 3rd.

IMG 0295In my 2+ years as a fundraising coach, I grew to love the multi-media/design element of the job. I would repeatedly make suggestions to clients until they let me play with their social media pages and newsletters and prayer cards. Much to my delight, my creations often generated needed engagement for the missionaries-to-be.

An illustrious journey into social media design and management was the fruit of that labor. Illustrious is a generous adjective to use at this juncture, but to the few people (and one dog) against whom I can do no wrong, I have indeed reached the apex of my field. I don’t consider myself one of those few people, but will use the word nonetheless.

Grateful to work at something I love, I am more grateful still for things I don’t consider work at all. I love the Colorado Rockies (the baseball team), and am usually happiest spending an afternoon cheering them on at Coors Field. I hope to make it on the jumbo tron and steal the heart of an unsuspecting outfielder someday. I love the outdoors, and taking my dog, Klay, with me on my adventures. He is a quiet but attentive companion, my perfect opposite.

I love basketball. I’ve been playing it for most of my life and watching it for just as long. Klay, the dog, is named for Klay Thompson, the person, a basketball player for the Golden State Warriors. I’ve recently begun coaching basketball at the high school level, and if I had your attention for any length of time, I would spend it telling you how completely besotted I am with the young women I get to watch run their opponents into the ground (good-naturedly) while I stand on the sideline, clipboard in hand, yelling out numbers and commands very loudly, very proudly.  

I hope to get to know the members and culture of CCNI better as I continue in my work as Social Media Manager and am happy to have the opportunity to do so!

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