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Flip the Blessing

Flip the Blessing
By Dr. R. A. Weigel

I believe that every Christian believer has a ministry and for those of us who have been called to be Christian coaches, coaching is one of the ways that we build, augment, or practice that ministry. A definition of ministry by Christian.com says; We are all called to do ministry and even minister, but in all kinds of different ways so that the gospel can be proclaimed, the kingdom can be built, and God can be glorified — it is the calling of God. (1)

CCNI is a Christian organization committed to Christian values and supporting Christian coaches around the world. We are an organization that is framed around the concept of providing a space where our Christian coaching brothers and sisters can gather and help each other to grow in our individual ministries. We provide venues and opportunities for Christian coaches to learn from each other, work together to improve our skills and discover just how far our individual ministries can go. But we need each other in order to reach our individual and collective potential.

We need each other as Christian coaches! That is a very powerful statement when you take the time to reflect on it. The Bible provides us an important analogy in 1st Corinthians chapter 12 – about the body of Christ and how different people are needed in the body in order to do the work that has to be done. The body simply cannot function if everyone is the same. That analogy is also true for us as Christian coaches. We are all different but at the same time, we need each other if we are going to reach our full functionality.

When one part of a physical body is sick or not doing well, it affects the rest of the body. That analogy also works for us as Christian coaches. When one of our brother or sister coaches has a problem, need, or struggle, then the rest of the body is affected. We are a body of Christian coaches and we should be working together. So, how are we doing? What needs do we have within the body of our brother and sister coaches? What is needed for each person to fully function within their specific ministry? When we work together to build, help, support, instruct, guide, reprove, love, and pray for each other, then the whole body of  Christian coaching gets stronger. When we don’t, everyone suffers in some way.

“When each part of the Body of Christ works as it should, the different gifted members grow in proportion to one another. The growth of one part should be matched by the appropriate growth of the parts surrounding it. When that growth is uneven, however, a lack of balance is created which has consequences for the body’s performance in meeting various challenges.” (2)

As we come together within the boundaries of CCNI, we have an opportunity to help each other in unique ways and to grow in proportion to one another. That may mean that you will need to step up and do something you’ve not done before. That’s okay! We’ve got your back.

Some of the issues I’ve run into throughout my years as an educator have been students who were unwilling to ask for help, gave up too early, or felt their first forays into a project was not good enough. Some of them thought, “I’m independent so I’ll do it myself.” Another group said, “I’ve tried and failed so I quit.” A third group said, “I’ve tried, but it’s not perfect, so I won’t go any further until I’m better at it.”

Perhaps you pictured a child as you read those thoughts. What if I told you the same thing happens with adults? Some of our brother and sister coaches didn’t ask for help, try something and failed so they gave up, quit on something too early, or hid their talents because they thought they weren’t good enough. But when you consider that we NEED each other as a body of Christian coaches, it means that everyone needs to step up or step in. We grow in proportion to one another. We need each other in order to become the coaches God wants us to be. Everyone has something to give and as you know, as you give, so will you receive.

  • Luke 6:38 (NIV) – Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

CCNI is designed for just this reason. We’re not perfect in our presentations,  learning communities, coaching demonstrations, or events. However, we are the perfect online community where Christian coaches can come together to share our knowledge, talents, insights, successes, failures, faults, improvements, and skills. Think of it as “flipping the blessing.” God has blessed you and you’ve grown in your coaching abilities and business. Now, flip that blessing for others who can learn and grow from you and your experiences. As you bless others, God will bless you back in ways you cannot yet imagine.

“Give in keeping with who you are. In other words, you be you! …Flipping the blessing is leveraging your time, your talent, and your treasure for others. Your generosity is as unique as you are, but you have to figure out how to put your fingerprints on it.” (3)

There are many ways to engage in the efforts of CCNI. Send any one of us a note and we will talk to you about finding just the right pathway for you to flip the blessing. Working together we become stronger as a body of Christian coaches and grow in proportion to one another. That certainly sounds like a godly design to me.


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