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Faith Rejoices

  For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Cor. 5:7 NKJV

After finishing college and duty as a US Navy officer in late 1974, I set out for a career in business. Twelve years later, God called me into ministry. During my first year in Bible college, one of my favorite instructors shared a tool that I have often used as a teacher in Bible colleges, seminaries, and churches. I even find it helpful to me in this latter-days ministry as a Christian coach.

I call it a faith barometer! That instructor had a gift for sharing sticky phrases that were memorable and to the point! Here’s what he taught us –

“Faith rejoices, gives thanks, and is glad!

Doubt despairs, complains and is sad.”

The Bible encourages us to walk by faith in 2 Corinthians 5:7. Yes, the context is a bit stretched here, as that passage deals specifically with our heavenly dwelling place. But, the principle it contains is sprinkled throughout the Bible and is one we do well to apply in our daily lives, and coaching.

As coaches, we are trained to listen well. It takes personal and intentional practice to pay deeper attention to pace, words, intonation, enthusiasm, energy, and many other aspects of verbal communication. Discipline is needed to avoid interrupting and leaping to conclusions based on our own experience. Praise the Lord for solid Christian coach training that can help us develop our listening skills.

To use the faith barometer, you’ll need to begin paying attention to the words and phrases your client uses in answer to your powerful questions.

  • Do the words and phrases align with faith or doubt?
  • Which way does the balance of their words tend? (Faith or Doubt)
  • Are they speaking and walking by faith, or looking at circumstances?

The expressions they use help us understand how they see things and whether they come from a Biblical and spiritual perspective or from a worldly perspective.  

Practice using this tool at home, school, and with friends and family. Hone your ability to sense where your clients are in their faith walk. Once you are comfortable with using the faith barometer, you begin to listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit guide you to the steps you take next in your coaching. Keep your spiritual eyes and ears attentive and God will show you how to help clients get a heavenly skip in their steps no matter what earthly challenges they face.

About the Author:

Kelly E. McClelland is the Immediate Past President of the Christian Coaches Network International.  In November 2010, Kelly launched Transition Time Coach, LLC  based in Orlando, Florida. There he focuses on helping missionaries, ministers and ministry staffers navigate life and career transitions. His passion is helping believers discover who God created them to be so they can live out their unique calling and purpose with the help of the Holy Spirit. Kelly is a Certified Career Management Coach, Certified Tough Transition Coach, and Certified Job Search Strategist.

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