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Don’t Go It Alone (Part 2): Practical Ways to Find Coaching Community

Last month, I shared a few thoughts on the benefits of being in community with other Christian coaches.  You may be coaching as a solopreneur; that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.  Let’s look at a few practical ways to build community around you.

First, what constitutes good community?  Here’s what I look for:

  1. Emotional health –  people with a degree of emotional intelligence for self & others;
  2. Mutual respect – inner character that accepts others where they are;
  3. Shared values – the fundamental beliefs that guide our behavior; and,
  4. Reciprocity – the ability to both give and receive what benefits the other.

Bolstered by these qualities in ourselves and others, we find a strong community that consistently brings value into our lives.

There are different types of community, each filling a unique role as Christian coaches.  Yet each one helps hold us accountable in specific ways, reveals areas in which we need growth, and shares creative ways to deepen our impact.  Here are three I find most important:

  1. Biblical Community.   Foundational to any follower of Jesus is the Biblical community we find through our local church.  It’s here that our beliefs are often tested for authenticity. How well are we loving God and loving others?  As a Christian, if you don’t have a local church or community of believers who share your beliefs and live accordingly, you may be missing a basic building block to your growth as a child of God.
  2. Professional Community.  What is your coaching niche or target audience?  When we seek out experienced leaders in that sphere of influence or profession, we gain invaluable insights into the people we seek to serve and the “best practices” that reach them.  These experts propel us forward in ways we could not imagine. You might find this community through podcasts, blogs or books. Live classes or webinars allow you to interact, ask questions, and give back.  Find a few that meet the criteria for community and plug in!
  3. Coaching Community.  When I connect with other coaches, the interaction never fails to challenge me as a professional, to reach a higher standard or try a different approach.  This consistent influence is moving me to become the effective coach I want to be! Check with CCNI to see if there may be other Christian coaches in your regional area, and invite them to meet together periodically.  Take advantage of live webinars and masterminds hosted by CCNI, and ask if attendees would like to connect offline. Volunteer with coaching organizations to expand your community. Seek out and connect with coaches to share experiences and lessons learned.

In September and every month thereafter, CCNI will host a Christian Coaches Community separately for men and women.  On September 6 at 2:00 pm ET, I have the privilege of facilitating the women’s community. As a first topic, we will explore how our gender influences and impacts our coaching and the coaching profession.  How has being a woman-in-coaching changed us?

I hope you’ll join the conversation! Reserve your seat now.

About the Author:

Cathy Lee is a Certified Professional Life Coach, receiving her ACC credential through the International Coach Federation and her CCC credential through Christian Coaches Network International. Cathy has enjoyed a diverse career in executive leadership in both business and ministry over 30 years. She successfully led a multi-million dollar business unit for a global leader of enterprise data, analytics and software solutions. Cathy served 10 years on the leadership staff of her church, where she shared responsibility for strategic planning and leadership of 700 adults, 11 staff and more than 40 volunteer leaders. Today, she coaches business and ministry leaders across the globe to broaden their influence. Cathy is an avid reader and continual learner, and loves travel and landscape photography. She and her husband, John, have been married 37 years.

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