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Don’t be Afraid of Technology

I’ve always been a geek. As a boy, I fiddled with old radios and got them to work. I liked to take things apart, modify them and learn how they worked. As a cross-cultural worker it came in handy and my first sermon in SE Asia was based on the TV Show, MacGyver, because it was said, “Even the President stops what he is doing to watch MacGyver.” (That sermon – God’s MacGyvers – was a hit like the TV series and was based on 2 PETER 1:1-13.)

So, I encourage you to not let lack of training hold you back from using technology to assist your coaching! 99.9% of the time, someone else has experienced the same problem you are experiencing. Jump into some forums and ask questions. Google the error message you’ve received and chase down help. God will help you sort it out.

Here are a few places that I have used for learning. I’m mainly a PC user and not as strong on Mac’s but I do a bit of Linux and have done tech support for 20 years on a secure email server that runs on a Mac OS server. Almost everything I’ve learned is through online sources, help files and books. The last computer course I took was in 1968 and we punched cards for data entry using a huge machine that filled the entire basement of the Math-Science Building at Purdue!

Here are a few sources of computer and tech related info that I have learned to trust.

  • Ask Woody – Windows Secrets – Now welcoming Woody Leonhard’s return as lead editor. Great community to help you solve problems and learn to maintain your Windows, Office and PC. I’ve subscribed since 1997 when it was LangaList.
  • OlderGeeks.com – I don’t use this as often now, but it is a great compilation of sites, articles and info.
  • Lifehacker.com  Lots of gadgets, tips and ideas here, both computer and time-saving related.
  • TomsGuide.com – Good place for model specific and software help and purchase info/reviews.
  • Slashdot – Great compilation of latest tech items and industry trends, but gets a bit geeky and some comments can be offensive.
  • I often use open source software. Sometimes it is really good, sometimes not. Caveat emptor!
  • I find some helpful cost-saving deals on the latest and greatest via App Sumo. For example, I have bought several hundred photos for very low prices from Deposit Photos that can be used on your website!
  • Here are a couple of tools I use a LOT.
    • e-Sword – This is freeware, but I encourage you to donate to the developer. He does a great job and it encourages him to keep developing this Bible software program.
    • M8 Software – Great multi-clipboard products I have used for at least 15 years. Depending on the version, you can copy and paste dozens of items and speed up many chores.

So, what are some of your favorites? Post comments on the CCNI blog after this is posted.

Kelly McLelland, CCMC, CTTCC, CJSS 

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