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Coaching from a Place of Abundance: As God’s Servant or Child

Coaching from a Place of Abundance: As God’s Servant or Child?

by Janice M. Taylor

As we worship the Lord through our coaching, we must come to terms that we are both His servant and His child. The words servant and child can feel like they are galaxies apart within relation to one another. Yet, it makes sense to be God’s servant and his child!

Consider what a child does: they go where the parent goes or where they are sent. They are expected to follow directions. The son or daughter serves out of respect for the one in authority. This desire to serve comes out of a special relationship with the one in authority. They serve out of the security that comes from being in a relationship and not out of material profit. There’s a clear understanding that they are heirs of their Father’s wealth.

In the parable of the prodigal son, we see the righteous older brother angered by the celebration that was taking place because of the return of his rebellious younger brother. Yet, the father goes to check on the older brother for not wanting to be part of the celebration and tells him, “Look, dear son, you have always stayed by me, and everything I have is yours” (NLT, 2015, Luke 15:11-31).

I love the words “everything I have is yours” in the same manner, everything God has is ours. So, what’s stopping us from coaching out of a place of abundance?

Let’s return to the two words: Servant and Child.

In 2 Samuel 7:5, the prophet Nathan has been given a prophetic word to share with King David. In this message, God refers to David as his Servant. Meanwhile, Psalms 2:7, proclaims the psalmist as God being his Father and the psalmist his Son. “I will proclaim the decree of the Lord: He said to me, ‘You are my Son, today I have become your Father’.”

David loved the Lord and was diligent in serving him wholeheartedly, it showed! “In everything he did he had great success, because the Lord was with him” (NIV, 2011, 1 Samuel 18:14, NIV). David truly lived his life as God’s chosen son. He lived in his father’s inheritance.

Today I want to challenge you to take a stand in having a prosperous coaching practice as God’s son or daughter.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is my view of my relationship with God? Am I his slave, servant, employee, or child?
  2. What does life as God’s chosen child look like within my coaching?
  3. Have I ever truly accepted or received God as my Father?
  1. Have I ever truly accepted or received God as my Father?

If you are struggling with these questions, I want to say that for many years I struggled to have accepted God as my Father. It had been years since I welcomed Jesus into my life as Lord and Savior, but I had not realized that I was struggling to see Him as my Father. I didn’t have the privilege to be raised by a loving father that was there to protect, guide, defend, provide, impart wisdom or knowledge. All I knew was that fathers were selfish and abusive. Therefore, I was trying to coach from the role of a servant, hoping to have a job well done, in order to be compensated according to my work.

Then one day, from a place of struggling on how to get my coaching business off the ground, with a heart filled with frustration I cried out to God about starting the coaching business He had called me to. I said, “But Lord, I have never had a father in my life to teach me anything and definitely not one that can provide me with what I need to move forward. I have never had one to help me!”

That’s when the Lord replied, “When have I ever not been there to protect you, defend you, guide you, love you, provide for you, or equip you with wisdom and knowledge? I have always been there for you. Your earthly father was an instrument I used to bring you into this world, but I am the one who created you. I have set you apart for a special purpose, my mission on earth. Janice, I am your true Father. Let me lead you.

This was a moment of breakthrough in my life. The emotional strongholds from my past that once kept me captive were suddenly cut off, no longer was I bound by the emotional pain of not having healthy parents in my life. Now I march forward as God’s heir. He is my Father and I am his business partner. I proudly stand as his devoted servant and proud daughter.

God is also your true Father. Let Him lead your coaching and personal life. He wants to lavish you with all that he has. You will lack nothing, so start coaching from a place of abundance!

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