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Coaching as Intentional One Anothering – Love One Another part 2

We are given imperative commands all through the New Testament, and this means they are commands, not just suggestions. Some think of the “Big Ten” in the Old Testament as the only commandments.  But there are so many more in the New Testament that we get to operate in.  And..spoiler alert, they are all summarized (Big Ten included!) in the 2 that Jesus gave the boys:  1. Love God and 2. Love One Another.  All commands listed in the Bible fall into these two categories.  Test it.

 As Christian Coaches, we get the opportunity to listen to these Biblical commands for ourselves and apply them in our coaching practices as well. (notice the “get to” language, because that is the overarching theme of the New Covenant with Christ – we “get to” co labor with Him in all we do!)

As we journey further into this concept of One Anothering in coaching, we will start with the very first “one another” command.

Love One Another.

We examined what love is in the first article, and now we will look at how we love one another in the Christian coaching profession.

As a coach, we can love our clients well by listening well.

Listening is the beginning of love.

Listening is more than just hearing. We hear physically, and then we listen (take action, obey the thought). For coaching, this means that our intentional, active, reflective listening leads us into a few options, but all are chosen responses or “actions”:

  • Powerful questions are formed from listening well.  We love our clients well by asking powerful, bold questions about their mindset and their beliefs.
  • Reflective comments can be very loving in this space.  Statements like, “powerful” or “wow”; or “sounds like a brand-new thought” can provide safety and validation that fuels exploration they have dared not venture into ever before.

Loving our clients, by using the very definition of LOVE in 1 Cor 13, is part of what we get to operate in as Christian Coaches.  This Christian love, defined as both agape (unconditional love) and phileo (brotherly love) in John 21: 15-17. We operate in both by first submitting to the Lord in all we do, and asking for Holy Spirit to guide us in all we do in our coaching sessions and interacting with our clients without judgment and as a member of God’s family.  (All are children of God, just some may not know yet!)

We are called, equipped, designed, trained, and anointed in Christian Coaching. What a privilege to work with clients to be able to love them well.  This is set apart from secular coaching, as we can stop and pray for our clients, with our clients, or hold the space for them to talk to God within their coaching session.  I have been intentional about this in my coaching, asking permission of course.  I will ask “What do you want to do with this (information)?”  and have had clients break into prayer of confession, gratitude and forgiveness.  Wow…I get to witness such freedom for them.

Ask the Lord what loving your “one another” clients looks like.  Seek His wisdom and discernment on how to implement this in your coaching practice as you hold that sacred space.

What will you try in your next coaching session?  What is God showing you about loving one another in your coaching practice?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Pamela Mertz, CPCC, PCC is passionate about Christian coaching and loves sharing how God continues to show her how impactful it is for the world! She works with many Christian coaches around the globe through her roles at Promised Land Living, Professional Christian Coaching Institute and CCNI as Board Secretary.  For more information about Pamela you can visit her website at www.blueprintlife.com

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