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Book Nook: “3G: The Art of Living Beyond Your Life” by Curtis Clewett

3G :  The Art of Living Beyond Your Life is a quick and easy read that just may change the whole course of your life!  Launching from a desire to ensure the hard battles and lessons learned during his lifespan have an effect on not only his own children, but their children and the next, the author, Curtis Clewett, recounts the pain and fear of coming face to face with the possibility that after his death all he had worked and sacrificed for would be lost without a trace.

512AVX6m7yL. SX326 BO1204203200While reading this book, every client who requested coaching around their life journey and purpose caused my mind to flip back through the pages of 3G, searching for the principles and questions that made me reflect on what kind of impact I would someday be leaving.

The author, a pastor and missionary, retells how his world was shaken considering how many fellow missionary peers had “lost their children” to vices, religious indifference and even bitter rebellion against their parents’ most precious convictions and values.  Even though they had spent their lives serving in the Great Commission, their children had completely rejected the faith and left them wondering what went wrong.

3G unravels the stories of monumental men of the Bible, like Samuel, who saved the Israelites but lost his family and had no inheritance or influence in the following generation. The book explores how we can intentionally live our present life in a way so as NOT to repeat the mistakes of our contemporaries.  Each chapter has a good mix of personal life lessons wrapped around biblical principles and scientific and historical study, ending with useful processing questions at the end of each chapter that are personally challenging and useful to clients wondering how to leave a legacy not only in this life, but beyond to the 3rd and even 4th generations. English and Spanish versions available.

Patti Clewett, PCC

About the Author:

Patti Clewett is a bi-lingual missionary to Spain, living in Barcelona for more than 20 years, a member of the Wise Counsel for King’s Kids International and Youth With A Mission Barcelona, establishing bases of training and discipling and releasing youth and families to live out their life calling all over the world. Patti is a co-founder with her husband of “la Iglesia El Lokal” in Barcelona and was a Youth Pastor and imageChildren’s Minister in Oregon and California before launching into missionary work.

Patti is a Professional Certified Coach with over 1000 hours of cross-cultural and leadership coaching experience. She completed a 3-year training including LCT 1 and MCT levels 1 and 2. She is now completing her Master’s Apprenticeship to train other coaches in the Spanish Speaking World.

Patti is the mother of 4 adult children and has been married to the same man since 1978.

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