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Be a Writer: Start a Team Blog

Recently, along with three wonderful women, I had the privilege of helping to launch a new site, called Presence. Thinking about “presence” has been an ever-present companion to my thoughts. See—I can hardly write a sentence without it sneaking in!

Relating this to coaching and writing, I considered how an online team presence can be yet another effective way to strengthen our coaching reach through writing. And beyond that, teams bring together strengths and ideas to create wonderful synergy.

So let’s take a look at some initial considerations in creating a site team–either with other coaches or with what I’ll term a “mixed team.”

A Mixed Team

With a mixed team of perhaps mostly non-coaches (I’m the only one on my team), you join as a team for its common pursuit. Themes and focuses are further defined as you work together to develop your online presence, identity, or “branding.” Posts, articles, and resources will reflect your common themes.

But, even in this situation, who you are as a coach remains important. Consider:

  • How do the themes of the team site reflect the interests and passions that are a part of who you are as a coach?
  • How might the site be a healthy extension for you and those interests and passions?
  • How will the writing you offer through blog post or article contributions support your coaching personality and voice?
  • And…if you’d like to make your coaching services or resources known, how might that work on this team site with this particular team?

Make all of these, or other questions you have, a part of your conversations even as you begin to form a team. And then naturally include who you are as a coach, at the very least: through your bio, a link to your coaching site, or, when appropriate, a link to a resource offering in a blog post or article.

If not a mixed team and site, how about . . .

A Coach Team

Admittedly, I haven’t tried this one, but I’ve seen many examples of this. I’m sure you have too. This kind of team site has a clearly defined coaching presence online. It might be a team of coaches that work together in a mutual coaching business, or several coaches representing an agreed-upon coaching theme or “brand.”

My experience as part of a mixed team showed me how valuable it is to find individuals with common goals and a common heart for the people the site will serve. This would be no less true for a team of coaches working together. Some considerations for mutuality might include:

  • faith stance and values
  • coaching focus or niche
  • themes for your posts and resources
  • common audience you are hoping to reach

If you were to begin a team blog today, what might it include? Who would be on your team?

Next month I’ll share a few tips I learned along the way while working with a team, including how you might start a conversation with your team and resources that can help you plan for a strong launch. In the meantime, if you’d like to take a look at a site as an example of a “mixed team,” feel free to take a look at www.presencenow.be

Jan Kern
Author, Writing Mentor
Life, Leadership, and Creativity Coach, ACC
CCN Professional Member

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