Are These Five Mindsets Sabotaging Your Success?

clients wantedAre you having trouble securing coaching clients?Is it uncomfortable to “put yourself out there?” Does it seem intrusive, self-centered, and unnatural to “sell” your services to family and friends?

It did for me. Never one to draw attention to myself, it felt wrong to highlight the benefits I could provide as a Life Coach, to point to myself as the potential solution for someone’s deep need. Somehow, it seemed more spiritual to silently wait at home, in faith, for God to fill my coaching practice by bringing clients to me. But is that really faith? Or does faith demand a little bit more?

The Example of Paul

Consider the Apostle Paul. God commissioned him to share the Gospel with the Gentiles, yet Paul didn’t sit around waiting for those people to come to him. In fact, he did just the opposite. Risking life and limb, Paul did everything he could to share it with as many people as possible. Paul stalked the streets of Athens and talked with every passerby without worrying about becoming a pest. Ignoring danger, he asked permission to address the riotous hoards instead of trying to save his own skin. He didn’t put his message on a signpost (or website) hoping people would come. Instead, Paul stood in the middle of Areopagus, proclaiming truth to the swelling crowd.

Serving Self or Serving Others?

While it can feel self-serving to tell others what we do, the opposite is true. God calls US to go OUT into the world to make disciples of the nations (Matthew 28:18-20), not to wait at home hoping they will discover us. If God has called you to become a coach, He has equipped you and gifted you. He has people He wants you to serve. Is it really more godly and humble to hide behind your computer screen praying people will stumble upon you? Or does faith and courage call you to go out risking embarrassment and minor rejection to share what you have with the hurting world?

Is Your Mindset Helping or Hurting You?

If you are struggling to tell others about what you do, consider whether any of these five mindsets have been holding you back.

  1. If I build a website, clients will come. Not true. Most people will visit our websites only after we tell them it is there.
  2. I shouldn’t talk about myself or how I serve people through coaching. We tell hurting people the benefits of knowing God. Why wouldn’t we tell those same people about the benefits of getting closer to God through coaching?
  3. If I tell people about coaching more than once, I am bothering them. People need to hear about coaching 7-12 times before they begin to consider whether it may be helpful to them.
  4. I shouldn’t get paid to coach. It is a ministry. Doctors, lawyers, counselors and plumbers all get paid for their services. Why would coaching be any different?
  5. God has called me to be a coach, not a marketer. When God calls someone to be a missionary, it just follows that He has also called them to raise their own support. If God has called you to be a coach, then He has called you to market your coaching practice.

People long for solutions, direction, and meaning. And as helpful as books, teachers, and self-help programs are they’re standardized for the masses. Only coaching brings a customized approach, letting each individual create and shape a solution designed specifically for them. But they will never know about the beauties of coaching unless you tell them.

How Can You Think Differently?

Look back at mindsets above? Which ones do you struggle with? How can you step out in faith this week to let someone know how you can serve them?

Kim Avery  Kim Avery is a Professional Certified Coach and Marketing Strategist who specializes in helping Christian coaches coach masterfully and market successfully. You can find out  more about her and download her FREE report, 5-Minute Marketing: 101+ Quick & Easy Marketing Ideas, at

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