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A Note From Michael

This will be a new era for the organization. I would like to take this opportunity to wish the leadership of CCNI the best of God’s blessings. Since 2014 I have been involved with the “forming, storming, norming” of the Christian Coaches Network International. Now the time has come to turn the reigns over to a new team to bring it up to a higher state of “performing.” My confidence in the leadership team is extremely high. They are all highly capable and able to bring the vision and mission into full operation.

Two names need to be mentioned here: Judy Santos who founded (with others) the Christian Coaches Network back in 1998, and Marcie Thomas who forged the organization into what it is today. My job was to lead the transition from an LLC to a 501(c)3. Numerous leaders in the Christian coaching industry have been very helpful in making CCNI the go-to place for all things relating to Christian coaching. Thank you. Sincerely, again, thank you.

I learned a lot about the heart of new coaches getting started and wanting to do the right thing. We have put several things in place to help the aspiring coach. Most of all, CCNI offers many ways to plug into the Christian coaching industry and find fellowship with like minded servants. Still, however, we have yet to extend our reach to the vast international community of Christian coaches. This was the original reason why I joined the leadership team.

Going forward, I will be overseeing the Point-of-Need program which endeavors to connect Christian coaches with folks who cannot afford regular life coaching services. I will remain available to CCNI and its members for any help. If you would like to stay in contact with me, please reach out via email; michael@newtrailscoaching.com .

God bless,

~ Michael

About the Author:

Michael J Marx, MBA, EdD, PCC, CPCC.  Michael is an ICF Professional Certified Coach specializing in business coaching and corporate consultation. Dr. Marx currently serves as the leader of the ICF ‘Global Community of Practice on Ethics.’ He also serves on the ICF Independent Review Board and on the Ethics Code Review Team. Additionally, he is a past-president of Christian Coaches Network International and the author of Ethics and Risk Management for Christian Coaches (2016). He is also currently launching an initiative to inform coaches about suicide intervention called Coaches4Hope.

The views expressed above are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the views of CCNI.

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