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Why a Christian Coach?

Will any coach do or should I select a Christian coach?

Coaching is becoming better known in the Christian world and a lot of it centers on life purpose and doing what you were created to do. In some circles it is even stylish to have a coach. I have one client who’s friends all talk about “her coach.” Choosing the right coach involves more than a quick google search and finding a nice looking website.

A key component of a Christian’s life is centered around values and in everything we do we should do out of our personal set of values. This includes picking a coach. I am not advocating that the only criteria be, “Are they Christian?” I would rather have a great non-Christian coach than a poor Christian coach. But I live in a both/and world. I want a great coach who is operating out of the same basic set of values that I am.

A great coach will challenge your assumptions, thought patterns and much more. I want my coach to know and understand my values as values based in something bigger than myself. I want to be a coach that when my client violates their values (often without realizing it) I have such understanding that I can bring questions that help the client see their choices in light of their values.

Why chose a Christian coach? Because a Christian coach will better, though not perfectly, have a working grasp of those values that you base your life purpose on. When you unintentionally stray they will have a internal sense that something needs to be challenged.

I’ve personally worked with both types of coaches and found that those who shared my values system more completely were able to bring greater sensitivity to the coaching conversation. All were good but some were able to connect to my core being better.

Would I use a non-Christian coach? Sure I would, but first I would look at great lengths for a great Christian coach. By the way the are plenty of great Christian coaches and finding one should not be too hard. Now, go be all you were meant to be.

Bill Graybill, D.Min., CCC
Thrive on Purpose Coaching

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