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Spring, A Season For New Growth

Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness”  – 2 Corinthians 9:10

Spring signifies a season of new growth everywhere you look.  Trees that have laid barren all winter start to sprout new blooms.  Flowers open up and reach for the sun.  And caterpillars come out of their cocoons and spread their wings as butterflies.

All around us, growth and transformation are happening.  But these new blossoms and new creations did not just spring to life out of nowhere.  The preparation was started long beforehand… the foundation was laid, the soil was tilled and the proper nutrients were provided.

In Matthew 13:1-9, Jesus tells the story of a farmer who planted his seeds in four different types of soil:

“He said, ‘A farmer went out to plant his seed. He scattered the seed on the ground. Some fell on a path. Birds came and ate it up. Some seed fell on rocky places, where there wasn’t much soil. The plants came up quickly, because the soil wasn’t deep. When the sun came up, it burned the plants. They dried up because they had no roots. Other seed fell among thorns. The thorns grew up and crowded out the plants. Still other seed fell on good soil. It produced a crop 100, 60 or 30 times more than what was planted. Those who have ears should listen and understand.’”

In this parable, Jesus explains how important it is to provide the right type of soil for a plentiful crop to grow.  Likewise, it is just as important for us to provide a rich soil for our dreams to grow in.

Maybe God planted a seed in your client a long time ago, but it wasn’t the right time yet for it to produce fruit.

What dreams are quietly hibernating inside of them until the time is right for them to spring forth?  How have they been maintaining and caring for those seeds in the meantime?

We can tend to our “dreams” by doing things like reading the Bible, staying in communication with God and following His will for our lives.  By doing these things, we continue to enrich the soil that they are planted in and allow them to grow slowly over time, until He is ready to bring them to fruition.

As coaches, we can help our clients to become more aware of God’s plans for their lives by asking meaningful and thought-provoking questions.  Yet, we need to make sure we are still allowing time for them to be quiet and hear from the Holy Spirit.

For He is the true planter, giving each of us what we need to fulfill the purposes He has for us.  But just as the seeds that fell on rocky or thorny ground were unable to grow, it is up to us to provide the right foundation for God’s fruit in us.

So, ask your clients today:

What seeds or dreams has God planted in you?  How will fulfilling this dream bless others?

What kind of soil are your dreams planted in today?  How can the soil be richer, more productive for your dream?

What do you need to make sure those seeds bear fruit?

About the Author: Janice  LaVore-Fletcher, PCC, CMC, CPCC is Founder and President of Christian Coach Institute and she has a passion for helping coaches become more confident, more competent, and more courageous and launch successful coaching businesses and ministries. She is a Professional Certified Coach (ICF) a Certified Mentor Coach (Invite Change), and a Certified Professional Christian Coach (CCN) and a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. Learn more about Janice and CCI at www.ChristianCoachInstitute.com

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