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Spend Less Time – Get More Clients: Making the Most of Your Facebook Business Page

How would you like to have a team of marketers working to promote your coaching business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without spending a dime?

Sound too good to be true?  It’s not.

It is the power of viral marketing, and Facebook business pages represent viral marketing at its best. Every time that you make a post, share a link or interact with someone there’s a good chance that you will show up on your fans’ newsfeeds.

Facebook Business Page

Once there, your fans can read your clever post and if they like it, they’ll have the option of clicking “like” or “share” so all their friends (people you don’t even know) can enjoy it as well.  And if those people “like” or “share” it, the post will be shown to their friends and on it goes.

And it’s all free!

Unfortunately, not all news items (the things you post) are created equal. Only a select few will show up in a reader’s feed.

How can you make sure that everyone sees your posts?

Facebook bases their decision (Edge Rank) on three things.

  • Affinity – The number of times you have interacted with that person in the past.
  • Recency – The more recent the post, the hotter the news.
  • Weight – The number of times users have commented on or “liked” that particular post.

To best use Facebook business pages to promote your coaching business you need to post the most ‘likeable’ stuff. It just makes sense.

Let’s begin with what NOT to do:

  • Post just for the sake of posting
  • Talk only about yourself
  • Trying to sell, sell, sell

Instead, your goal should be to genuinely interact with your fans regularly, making your Facebook business page less like a commercial and more like a party.

Here are things people “like” the most:

  • Thought provoking questions
  • Fun facts
  • Short stories
  • Pictures
  • Personal comments made on their posts

Be friendly and call people by their names. Above all, try to respond to each comment as soon as it appears.

When you keep these rules in mind your Facebook party guests will want to pass on what you write to all their friends, and before you know it, people you’ve never met will be learning all about you.


Kim Avery specializes in helping Christian coaches with bite-sized marketing so they can spend less time marketing and more time coaching. Download her FREE Top Ten Marketing Mistakes NOT to Make here: http://www.kimaverycoaching.com/10-marketing-mistakes-not-to-make/

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