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Reflections of 2022 Business Summit – How About You?

by R. A. Weigel, EdD, CPCC, and President of CCNI

Pulling out my notes from the CCNI 2022 Business Summit is like opening a treasure chest. In the near future, I look forward to listening to the recordings and using my notes as I listen a second time. My notes are in blue ink and as I listen to the recordings, I will use a pen with green ink to make additional notes or underline what got my attention the first time.

My background as an educator includes having a vast knowledge of many different systems for learning. You already know that passive engagement with a subject, presentation, or teacher will not really help you much. If you want to listen to a teaching and do something else at the same time, it’s highly dubious you’ll gain much. Active engagement can take many different forms and styles. For me, using my notes and using a different color pen when listening to something I’ve already heard once, looking for additional insights, is a great way to engage my brain so I will remember more of what has been presented and make it my own.

If you had a chance to hear my presentation at the Business Summit or if you’ve read some of my exhortations from the past, you’ll know that I consistently try to get people to step out of their comfort zone and move into their stretch or learning zone. There really is no growth when you’re too comfortable with what you’re doing. Stepping out of your comfort zone is risky and uncomfortable, but if you’re not happy with your status quo or if you want to advance in some area of life and business, you’re going to have to move into your learning zone.

As I reflect on the presenters from the 2022 CCNI Business Summit, I admit that I know most of them fairly well. I also know that some of them were pushing themselves out of their comfort zone with a new topic or new style of presenting. Good for them – and good for us. So, my question to is… how about you?

As I said before, I know quite a lot about the systems for learning. You’ve already had the experience while coaching someone, where they had to “talk it out” or “think out loud.” Well, those are two effective learning styles. But teaching what you know to someone else surpasses those learning styles faster than a kid chasing an ice cream truck on a hot summer day.

The purpose of CCNI is to help Christian Coaches around the world. One of the ways we do that is to help our members stretch to the next thing, the next level, the next idea, and figure out how to more effectively coach, gain insights as a solopreneur, use their coaching skills, or run their coaching business. We’re not a school or program that packs learning into a series of weeks and then says, “Okay… now go out there and do what I told you to do.” No! We’re your Christian brothers and sisters who are walking alongside of you and encouraging you to move out of your comfort zone, into your stretch zone, to practice what needs to be practiced, and become more of what the Lord has called you to become.

That brings me to this challenge and encouragement. Consider what you know or what you feel you still need to know in order to come closer to what God is calling you to do and become. You may feel intimidated that there are others who know more than you do or that you’re not ready. But that’s what stretching is all about! I am challenging you to take one area of your coaching acumen, coaching business, or coaching skills that you’d like to improve upon, and let’s talk about setting up a time when you’re going to teach it to others. You see, as you prepare to teach it, you’re going to get to know it very well. (And while you’re at it, get someone else from CCNI, a board member or someone from one of the webinars, and ask them to coach you around your preparation for presenting. That’s called a win-win proposition.)

Galatians 6:10 (ESV) – So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.

You see, being part of the household of faith is not a myth where you think, “wouldn’t it be nice if people really helped each other.” Being a part of the household of faith is a reality and it often requires stepping out of your comfort zone and helping others with what you have. You… are a Christian coach, and when you do a presentation with us, it really doesn’t matter if it’s for 3, 30, or 300. What matters is that you are stretching and learning, and you’re doing it to help others in the household of faith. There truly is no better place for you to practice and grow your coaching skills and business – than working with the household of believers in CCNI.

So, the CCNI 2022 Business Summit was a success and I’m deeply grateful for all the presenters. Those who attended were encouraged, stretched, and learned new things about how to improve their coaching business. It was also a success because each presenter was giving something of themselves while loving others in the household of faith. And when you come down to it, isn’t that what’s truly important to the Lord? Now… how about you?

Dr. Rich Weigel has an extensive background in leadership with over twenty years leading school districts. In addition to being a credentialed Leadership and Visioneering coach, he has been an adjunct professor five times in various universities teaching Strategic Leadership, Business Ethics, and Educational Leadership. He and his team provide support, coaching, and professional development for teams and leaders in schools and businesses around the country. Rich has served as CCNI’s President since January 2020. He can be reached at proedcoach@gmail.com.

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