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Pep Talk for Christian Coaches

A winter pep talk for Christian Coaches.

When we have a winter (like this year), that seems to be never-ending and similar to the winter of the Chronicles of Narnia, we sometimes need a bit of a pep talk to get us moving forward again. It’s helpful to be reminded that “Aslan” is on the move. He is always on the move.

I’ve been looking back over notes from past classes, coaching sessions, CCN calls, mastermind calls, etc., in order to rev myself up to full throttle again. I thought some of what I re-discovered might be helpful to you, as well. Here’s “the short list” to fresh heart in your business.

1. Figure out what’s working

2. Do more of it

3. Stop doing what’s not working

4. Keep adjusting the model

5. When your business doubles, reevaluate the way you do business

6. Every time your business doubles, start back at step #1

7. When the business finally starts to cover all its expenses, celebrate. You have turned the proverbial corner!

8. Stay focused on the vision

9. Don’t take anything for granted

10. Be willing to adjust what you thought was your niche

11. Discover your strengths. May I suggest Leading From Your Strengths assessments? They have truly given me fresh heart.

12. Never get “comfortable” with what you do.

13. Keep learning. Keep fresh

14. Find your own “voice”.   Be unique.

15. Trust the process

16. Don’t get impatient

17. Ask for help when you need it

18. The vision builds over time

19. Stay with it

20. Last but not by any means least

21.  And over all these things, spread the covering of prayer to the One who believes in you more than any other and wants to help. Just ask. He has the “gift” of “helps” 🙂

Pam Taylor
Christian Life Coach
Loaves and Fishes Coaching
Member of Christian Coaches Network

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