Thanks for the Memories

As I prepare to leave my board roles of the last 3 years, I want to express my thanks to the members and especially to my fellow board members for the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into CCNI. Special thanks for our two outstanding contract staff for their over-the-top dedication to making CCNI a community of Christian Coaches. Special thanks to TerryAnn Porter for her technical assistance with this year’s Bootcamp series. Your contributions have kept us moving forward and I’m sure are worthy of great rewards in heaven.

Kelly McClelland CopySeveral years ago, as a volunteer working alongside Marcie Thomas and others, I found my tribe! My prayer is that others will step forward and get to know our organization as their own tribe.

As you help CCNI continue to grow and thrive, you will grow personally and as a professional. While we are still the best kept secret on the internet, there are open slots on the board that will be critical to future growth and improved systems for serving members. Come join the team!

As part of the tribe and a volunteer you will benefit by increased relationships with key professionals in the Christian Coaching industry. Your coaching toolbox will grow as you are exposed to some great presenters and coach trainers. My understanding and perspective on the place of Christian Coaching has grown exponentially and yours can, too!

Kelly CNNI AwardI’m old enough to remember the Bob Hope theme song, Thanks for the Memories. I will cherish them and continue to pray and support from the sidelines because CCNI is still my tribe! See you in the years to come!

 Blessings in HIM,

Kelly McClelland
CCNI Immediate Past President

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