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New Year = New Beginnings

January means a new start for many people.  They set resolutions for the new year and plan to do things differently from the very first day. The only problem with that is life change isn’t just about making a resolution or starting over on a certain calendar date. Real change and authentic new beginnings come from soul change.  It’s about learning to reframe your thoughts and refocus your attention, so that God can start to rebuild in your life.

* * * * *

Nehemiah Rebuilds the Wall of Jerusalem

In the Bible, God moves Nehemiah, a cupbearer for the King, to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem.  Even though the temple itself was being rebuilt, the project would not be complete if the walls were still in ruins.  This is because at the time, a wall was the main force of protection around a city.  It kept out wild animals, thieves and gangs.  This was particularly true for larger, more developed cities that held many riches inside.  And would be the case for Jerusalem, the home of God’s richly-decorated temple.

But beyond the riches, the temple was also God’s dwelling place.  So the wall protecting the city was even more important.  It is a symbol of strength, protection and purpose.

* * * * *

So how can you help your clients rebuild their lives?


Just as Nehemiah worked to repair the walls of Jerusalem, your clients may need to repair the thoughts they’ve allowed to settle in their minds.  By helping your clients to reframe their thoughts in a more positive way, they can begin to rebuild their own “walls” of confidence and courage.  Helping them to see their struggles as challenges and lessons, as opposed to curses or failures, will create real lasting change and set up a new perspective through which to view the world – God’s perspective.


One of the most important things you can do for your client – at any time – is help them learn where to focus their energy.  But as a new year begins and clients will be looking for new beginnings in their lives, it is a great time to help them RE-focus their energy where it needs to go most.

Often, people get so caught up in their usual routines, that they become oblivious to it.  They may not even realize that they’re not focusing the proper amount of attention on their goals, if any at all.  So helping them to find places in their schedule where they can focus on their goals, can be an important first step to this new phase of their lives.

* * * * *

Just like the wall of Jerusalem, God does not want to see anyone’s “walls” reduced to ruins.  He wants all of His children to prosper and to feel safe and purposeful.  But before your clients can begin to repair their walls and let God rebuild in their lives, they have to be aware and want to see change.

When Nehemiah received word of the despair and ruin in Jerusalem, he “sat down and wept.  In fact, for days, [he] mourned, fasted and prayed to the God of Heaven.”  (Nehemiah 1:4)  He then confesses that the nation has indeed forsaken Him, commits to taking action and asks for God’s guidance as he moves forward.

Likewise, your clients may take these same steps on their journey to a new beginning.  By first being aware of the current situation, being concerned over them and confessing them to God.  But then committing to taking action and asking for God’s guidance as they take steps in that direction.

* * * * *

Are your clients ready to rebuild their “ruins” and start a new beginning?

Are they willing to ask for God’s guidance and protection along the way?

What steps can you help them take along this journey?

About the Author: Janice LaVore-Fletcher is President, Founder and Master Coach Trainer of the Christian Coach Institute. She is an ICF Professional Certified Coach, an IAC Master Masteries Coach, a Certified Christian Professional Coach, and a Board Certified Coach. She is also a Certified ICF Mentor Coach, a Master Coach Trainer, a Certified Executive Mastermind Coach, Licensed Get Clients Now Facilitator, speaker, and seminar leader. Janice uses her encouragement, passion, communication skills and “heart” to expand people’s thinking and inspire them to be all that God has called them to be.

She brings years of corporate experience in leadership, human resources and training and development in adult education. Her early life coach training was at CoachU under the founder of coaching, Thomas Leonard, and she is a Charter member of Coachville. Her formal education is in Behavioral Sciences and she is a Licensed Human Behavior Trainer, Tele-Class and Webinar Leader.

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