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CCNI Announces Price Increase for Christian Coaching Credentials

CCNI is announcing a price increase for those seeking a credential for their professional Christian coaching effective on January 1, 2017.

It has been several years since there has been any price increase for our credentialing. Currently members pay a flat $175 and non-members pay $325 for an application regardless of whether the application is for CCC, CPCC, or CMCC. In order to cover the cost of the application as well as the assessment, in 2017 CCNI will be increasing its credentialing pricing as follows:

Credentialing Current Fee Effective 1/1/17
CCC: member $175 $200
CPCC: member $175 $370
CMCC: member $175 $515
CCC: non-member $325 $350
CPCC: non-member $325 $520
CMCC: non-member $325 $640
Application fee $75 discontinued
Renewal fee: member $40 $75
Renewal fee: non-member $65 $75

Any application submitted before 12/31/16 will be accepted at the 2016 rate.


Why consider a Christian credential through CCNI?

With a CCNI Christian credential, coaches not only are demonstrating proficiency of their coaching skill, they are testifying to their commitment to the standard and conduct of a professional who follows Christ. The CCNI credential communicates their commitment to professional development and adherence to a strong biblical and ethical standard of conduct. Coaches with CCNI credentials have testified a high degree of acceptance when coaching in ministry, church or other non-profit settings.

Apply now for your CCNI Christian credentials.

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