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More to See and Do – with CCNI in 2022!!

by Dr. R.A. Weigel, President of Christian Coaches Network International

Perhaps your time would be better spent to reflect on what you really want and need as a Christian coach. At CCNI we have designed our efforts around serving you, walking alongside, and giving you the support you need to enhance your coaching skills, build your entrepreneurship, establish a great future vision, and becoming a Christian Coach committed to making the world a better place. Our board is committed to:

  • Praying for and with you.
  • Helping you to become a Christian Coach who does powerful things.
  • Supporting the body of Christian Coaches to grow together in unity.
  • Using the coaching processes to build up the body of Christ.
  • Helping you build your business, your niche, your products, and your impact.

As we begin 2022, on behalf of the full CCNI board, I encourage you to join with us. We’re starting a weekly prayer group for Christian coaches in January. We’re going to do more coaching demonstrations, core competency sessions, and many exciting new free events for members to help you become the Christian coach you want to be. So… let’s talk and discover together what else you may need and perhaps even what you can offer to help your brother and sister coaches. Let’s strengthen each other, build our Christian impact, and forge a Christian coaching community that makes a greater impact for God’s glory.

Happy New Year,
Dr. R.A. Weigel
President – Christian Coaches Network International

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