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Meet Vern Card, CCNI Treasurer!

CCNI Has a New Treasurer!

Vern Card is CCNI’s new Treasurer. This is his second time as Treasurer, having been previously involved when CCNI was started and was part of the team in obtaining the 501(c)(3) non-profit status for the association.

Vern is a professional accountant FCPA and, since 1998, has been the founder and Senior Consultant at his firm, Down East Management Inc., www.demiconsulting.com, located in St. Stephen, NB, Canada.

One of his current priorities is developing and operating Beacon Can Indo PVT Ltd. An Indian corporate farm focused on farming Moringa and Cashews to support impoverished Christian farmers in the State of Odisha in Western India.

Vern’s main focus is going into businesses to assess performance management systems and fixing these systems, if needed. Also, he focuses on developing start up, expansion, or acquisition/sale strategies for corporations and managing the implementations.

Vern’s passion outside of work is being a good listener and friend to those that feel no one else is listening or cares and providing support and his thoughts on their next steps. This passion happens in his outside workshop and when the door is open they know he is there and they drop in at any time.

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