Meet Debbie Luxton: CCNI Board Secretary 2018-2019

Hello CCNI Members!

I am Debbie Luxton, your CCNI Board Secretary.  In introducing myself, I would like to share a few personal tidbits, my introduction toDebbie Luxton CCNI and then talk briefly about my role as secretary.

I had been retired, about 2 years, from a 30 year Fortune 500 career, when God put life coaching in my path.  I had never heard of a life coach. I lived in my corporate cave very well!

Starting another career was not something I was eager to do.  After a few months of praying, wrestling, and researching, I finally began my journey to become a life coach.  That was 8 years ago. I’ve thanked God over and over again for the many blessings in moving me along this path.

Shortly after completing my life coach training with Christian Coaching Institute, John Maxwell opened his leadership coaching program.  This felt like home given my years of corporate and volunteer roles. I became a John Maxwell Team founding partner and certified leadership coach.

My husband and I have been blessed to lead a Celebrate Recovery Ministry since 2006.  We currently have 5 children, 10 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

I was introduced to CCNI by Marcie Thomas.  I really can’t remember how Marcie and I hooked up, but we had several long conversations.  I have been a CCNI member for many years off and on. The only time it was “off” was when funds were tight.  I’ve always believed in the mission of CCNI and I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve here.

My term on the Board began in January of 2018.  The primary role of the Secretary is to ensure the governance of the Association is in compliance with the CCNI bylaws and policies.

In the Secretary role, just as you might imagine, I create agendas and take minutes for meetings.  The secretary position is a Board Officer position. Therefore, I participate and document 2 standing meetings each month – CCNI’s Executive Committee (officer) meeting and the Board of Directors meeting.  I also assist with the documentation for all other official meetings.

Speaking of documentation!  As Secretary, I am responsible for official file retention.  This documentation includes state records and many other pieces of information.

Since joining the CCNI Board, I have introduced ‘Key Learnings’ – what can we, as individuals, and as an organization, learn from things we’ve done, or didn’t do, and improve upon for the future?  I have also introduced ‘Position Binders.’ The main purpose of this documentation is to ensure that nothing critical falls through the cracks as our Board members change annually.

It is my goal, working with Jenny Karr, our Director of Strategy, to finalize multiple processes and procedures that streamline our Board operations and, additionally, to finalize on-boarding procedures that ensure smooth transitions as the natural turnover of our Board occurs annually.  

Serving on the CCNI Board is a true gift.  If you have an interest and would like to know more, please reach out to one of our Board members.  I want to thank each and every member of CCNI for the trust you place in me as your Board secretary.

About the Author:

Debbie Luxton is CCNI Board Secretary 2018-2019. As the owner of One Life to THRIVE, LLC, she serves women who lead through coaching, intimate retreats and community.  Debbie is the author of “Choose to THRIVE: Conquering Your Inner Conflicts” and 3 women’s retreat studies. Her passion is to help women who lead for God’s Kingdom, especially pastors wives, live a thriving life as they serve in the impact God created and designed them for.  Debbie is a professionally trained life coach, John Maxwell Founding Partner & Certified Leadership Coach; specializing in healthy boundaries.

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