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How Well Can You Balance?

If trying to maintain balance in your life makes you feel like a tightrope walker, you’re not alone. Most of us have so many demands on our time and energy that life can easily become unbalanced. Take this quiz to see how well you are maintaining a sense of balance amid life’s responsibilities and demands.

True  or False

  1. I regularly take care of myself physically and emotionally.  T or F
  2. I set aside time to nurture myself. T or F
  3. I eat healthfully and exercise regularly. T or F
  4. I get check-ups, go to the dentist, and take preventative precautions. T or F
  5. I set aside personal, quiet time for myself, including time for prayer and reflection.  T or F
  6. I experience the gifts of each season: ice skating, sledding, bundled-up beach walks; gardening, hiking, more time outside; camping, swimming, barbeques; harvesting the bounty, gathering wood, spending more time inside. T or F
  7. I make time to do what I love, whether that’s cooking, drawing, painting, writing, dancing, singing or another creative pursuit.  T or F
  8. I spend quality time with family and friends.  T or F
  9. Contributing to others provides connection and purpose, so I give my time, energy, gifts and talents where it is most useful.  T or F
  10. I notice and heed the emotional signals that tell me I’m out of balance: irritability, overwhelm, resentment.  T or F
  11. If I feel that I’m catching a cold, I realize I may have stressed my immune system with over-activity, so I stop and take care of myself. T or F
  12. When I need or want to, I say no to requests for my time. T or F
  13. I listen to and honor the requests my body makes for such things as a nap, a walk, green vegetables, hot soup.  T or F
  14. If I have something planned for myself, I don’t just toss that aside when someone makes a request of me.  T or F
  15. I’m busy, but I find time to do the things I want to do. T or F
  16. I’m happy. I regularly experience well-being, contentment, even joy. T or F

If you answered false more often than true, you may want to take a look at the questions to which you answered false and see what is surfacing for you.  

Having balance in our lives is one key to the feeling of contentment, joy and purpose.

If you struggle with balance issues, connect with one of our professional Christian coaches. We have over hundreds of coaches ready to serve you. You can rest assured that our coaches are specially trained in helping you to hone in on the obstacles that are getting in the way. Many of our coaches also offer free initial sessions.

To connect with a coach visit: http://www.christiancoaches.com/coach-referral-service.htm and select Life Balance under the Personal and Life Concerns column. Click on the picture or description of the coach and send him/her an email using our secure, confidential email system.

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