CCNI – Events

Throughout the year, CCNI plays host for some of the best Christian Coaches around the world who provide instruction, support, and guidance around Christian Coaching for our members and invited guests. Every month we are hosting educational, networking, coaching mastermind, skills-based, coaching business and training events that are designed to help YOU become a more effective and impactful Christian Coach. Nearly all events are free for CCNI members and a minimal fee for non-CCNI members.

Many of our events qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for you to use as your hours of continued training for earning obtaining a CCNI Coaching Credentials. Those CEU’s may also be used for hundreds of different organizations to help you show others how much you’re growing as a professional Christian Coach.

How to Register for an Event

Click on the link to the event on the calendar. That link will provide you
instructions for registering for that specific event.

Monthly Events

  • Women in Coaching
  • Coaching in Europe
  • Coaching in the Church
  • The Bench – Men In Coaching
  • Coaching Basics
  • International Coaching
  • Coaching Practice
  • Monday Prayer
  • CCNI Core Coaching Competencies

  • Coaching in Business
  • Coaching in Education

  • Focus Sessions
  • And more…

Special Events

  • Writers Workshop
  • Coaching Skills Practice Group
  • Coaching Business Specials
  • New Coach Basics

  • Vision Coaching
  • International Coaching
  • Focus Sessions
  • Coaching Strengths

  • Niche Discovery
  • Mastermind Improvement
  • CCNI Core Coaching Competencies

  • Goal Setting for Coaches

  • And more…

CCNI offers three major summits each year. 

Each of these summits has a very specific purpose.

Coaching Integration Training One day of intensive training by individuals who use coaching every day in their business. This training is tightly focused on building your skills for success. It’s not about coaching skills, but success skills for your personal improvement. 

March 11, 2023

Summer Coaching Business Reflections

Starting in July, Bob Weinkle and Rich Weigel will be hosting a several events where some of the most important questions about coaching will be answered be some of the finest Christian Coaches around the country. This NEW event is designed to build a deeper understanding of the entirety of the Christian Coaching practice.

Improve Your Coaching Skills
Two days with four presenters each day, providing great insights on how to improve your coaching skills and increase your impact. Our presenters are some of the best coaches around the world. The focus will be on building clarity around the CCNI Competencies and effective coaching practices that you can use in all areas of business, life, and professions.

October 27 and 28 – 2023