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Does Food Call Your Name?

Waffle sundae 407I used to think about food a lot, and now, I can go anywhere I want and many times I barely notice the food unless I am eating.

People ask me how I am able to do this.

One strategy that made a big difference for me was to intentionally change the thoughts that I had just before making a food choice.

I remember being around food, being tempted and resisting many times by telling myself, “I can’t have that. It’s not on my diet.”

I might have had temporary success by resisting, yet I felt deprived, which caused more problems.

For example, I did not realize that I was actually training my mind to think that I would deserve to have certain foods only when I would reach “goal weight”.  Have you ever felt that way? Maybe you felt guilt after eating?

You don’t have to be a certain size to deserve to eat any particular food.

“We should be able to enjoy a beautiful ice cream sundae. Eating it is not wrong or bad. It is okay to enjoy the moment the spoon hits your mouth and you taste the flavors. But we don’t want to act impulsively and eat things we really don’t want or need— especially if we’re going to regret it later. “1 -Dr. Linda Mintle

I intentionally changed my old thoughts of “I can’t have that. It’s not on my diet.” I replaced those thoughts with, “I can have it if I want it. If I wait, it will be easier next time.”

It did not take long before it became easier and easier. The pull and the temptation were greatly reduced by making this simple change. Eventually, I came to the place that I am now where I can go anywhere I want and I barely notice the food.

To help you have food “call your name” a little less, try ONE of these QUICK and EASY tips TODAY:

  • Enjoy whatever food you choose to eat.
  • Turn your eyes away from food, then make your decision if you are going to eat that food or not.
  • Before making a food choice quickly pause and ask yourself, do I want to feel empowered, deprived or defeated?
  • As soon as you notice food, quickly bounce your eyes away from the food and find something or someone interesting in the room.
  • Before eating, quickly pause, and ask yourself, could I be angry, lonely, tired, bored, thirsty or stressed?
  • Change the thoughts that you typically have right before making a food decision into something more empowering. Don’t overanalyze trying to get the perfect phrase; it just needs to feel positive to you when you hear yourself say it.

Start today, take your ONE Choice and intentionally do this for one week. 

I would love to “meet” you during a Free Class that I am offering on the telephone (or computer).

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FB Profile Picture JPeg  Mary Lou Caskey is a life coach, specializing in helping Christians to Gain Freedom, Cultivate Peace with Food , Lose Weight and Keep It Off.

Mary Lou lost and gained a lot of weight many times in life and is now really enjoying living at peace with food and helping others find peace.

You can find out more about Mary Lou at www.maryloucaskey.com

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