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Coaching with Life Purpose

by CMI Coaching Mission International

A number of clients have come to us over the years and said some version of the following: “I’ve given myself to this work for the last 15, 20, 25+ years, and it’s been good and fruitful, but I feel like God is calling me to something else. How do I know what to give my remaining years to, so I am fulfilling God’s purpose and calling for my life?”

Purpose and calling are more than just what one does, there is something you were born to be – to embody Jesus in a unique, personal way to those around you. Many life-purpose tools are designed to help you look at who you are, discover your wonderful design, deepest passions, and innate abilities, and then pursue them. That can be a very profitable and exciting journey, as far as it goes. However, it doesn’t seem that kind of process would have ever led Jesus to His agonizing choice in the Garden. If a way of discovering purpose and calling doesn’t work or line up with Jesus’ life, then something is missing.

A missing piece for most people or most life-purpose programs or courses is “Calling”: an external commission from God for the sake of others. Since it is an “external commission,” it’s found by revelation, not by looking inside. Since it is “for others,” it leads one beyond a focus on fulfillment or happiness for themselves, at least in this life.

As Christians, our purpose is woven into the fabric of God’s plan for all creation. Calling is what places one within the context of this larger story. A balanced, biblical approach to destiny discovery looks in four directions:

  • Outward at what God reveals to us (the external Call)
  • Inward at what our Design reveals to us
  • Backward at how He has purposefully Prepared us through our life experiences
  • Forward at the dreams and Passions that draw us to our future destiny

What would it give you, and then your clients, to have clarity and confidence to know you’re truly living out your life purpose? How beneficial would it be to have a filter to process opportunities that come? What kind of impact could be made knowing one is fully living toward what they were made for, each day?

If you’d like to become a life purpose coach, CMI offers a Coaching with Life Purpose (CLP) 6-month course. Those taking this course for ICF Continuing Coach Education hours will receive 57 Core Competencies and 28 Resource Development hours. For more information, go to CLP Course Description or contact registration@cmiprograms.org

Coaching Mission International provides high-quality coaching and coach training from skilled experts who help missionaries overcome challenges and effectively fulfill their calling. God has positioned CMI as an Aaron and Hur of this generation. Just as they came alongside Moses, holding up his hands so the Israelites could be victorious (Exodus 17:11-13), we come alongside missionaries, upholding them so they can make the Kingdom impact they were called to make and thrive in life and ministry. CMI is part of a growing worldwide missions coaching movement. Founded in 2006, our trained coaches have provided over 60,000 hours of coaching to more than 4,000 missionaries living in 110 countries. We’ve trained almost 500 cross-cultural workers who now serve as coaches and coach trainers

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