Christian Coaching: A Lifeline for Today’s Leaders

by Julene Litke

Today’s Christian leaders increasingly face social climates that are challenging to navigate, leaving many leaders perplexed and uncertain. This presents a compelling opportunity for Christian leadership coaches to serve as a beacon, guiding these leaders through the foggy mist of confusion and self-doubt as they sort through conflicting information and sensitive situations.

Christian coaching and leadership encompass a unique approach to personal growth and leadership development, integrating biblical principles into coaching practices and leadership strategies. This powerful combination helps leaders gain clarity and perspective while aligning their decisions and actions with faith-based values and teachings.

As clients grow through their sessions with Christian leadership coaches, the impact of their growth trickles down to those they are leading. As leaders gain clarity and confidence in faith-based decision-making, biblical principles such as servanthood, humility, integrity, accountability, and faithful stewardship of other’s potential, become more prevalent in their organizations.

Moreover, the support and validation that leaders gain through their coaching sessions is a fruit that is produced as Christian coaches strengthen their brothers and sisters, just as Jesus told the Apostle Peter to do in Luke 22:32. Indeed when Christian leaders are challenged or persecuted for their adherence to biblical leadership principles, the support and encouragement they gain from their coach becomes an influential component in their determination to live out their faith through leadership.

As Christian leadership coaches, we provide a supportive, empowering environment for leaders to explore how their beliefs influence their leadership style and, ultimately, their decisions. Leadership that is guided by the examples provided in the Bible, such as those exemplified in servant and transformational leadership styles, can bring stability, peace, and sound direction to any environment.

Let your light shine for today’s leaders through coaching that improves the environment of organizations, businesses, communities, and homes.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Julene is credentialed as an ACC, Maxwell Team leadership coach, and AccuMatch Behavioral Intelligence certified coach. With over 35 years of experience in the leadership sector, a BA in Organizational Leadership, and extensive work in the non-profit sector, her coaching specialties include leadership strategy and pastoral burnout. Julene also speaks on leadership and emotional intelligence and is the founder of Next Level Leaders, LLC.

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