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Changes That Last

by Susan Litwillner, MNC, Ed.S., MBA, CCNI Director of Education

Do you hear your client lament “I am Stuck”?

In December I hosted a webinar titled “I’m Stuck is a Story” which described concepts that hinder change and the science behind it. Since NeuroCoaching is my passion, I am always searching for how and why our brains do what they do. It’s fascinating that the brain uses itself to study itself. Thinking about that can bring on a brain cramp!

It’s fascinating that the brain uses itself to study itself.

The bottom line is that change is hard. We’d like to think it is not, but it really is. In fact, there is an entire discipline called Behavioral Economics dedicated to understanding with analytical rigor and empirical depth as to when and why people make flawed decisions. Even with all the tools and techniques designed to assist humans with implementing positive changes, we still fall short. Partly because we try to land the knockout blow every time we start something and partly because, well, we are human and we try to eradicate the impulses that make us human.

One concept I introduced in this session was the idea that we need to reframe the word change. To quote Steven Covey in Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, “we need a Paradigm shift”. These are also called thought reversals. In order to generate a thought reversal (or change if you still prefer that word) there needs to be solid ideas to help someone realize something they had not realized before. When you allow someone to see a subject from a different angle, that brings clarity and freedom. And as coaches, we passionately desire our clients to find that clarity and freedom from negative beliefs that have kept them trapped. Since it is the truth that sets us free, it’s a lie that keeps us in bondage.

If it is the truth that sets us free, it is a lie that keeps us in bondage.

Although researchers disagree on the exact number of thoughts we have per day, the number agreed upon is approximately 6000 thoughts per day. They note that 80% of those are negative. 80% Wow!!

Further study shows 95% are the same repetitive thoughts as the day before. No wonder we get into a spiral of negative thought patterns and are in need of thought reversals.

Thankfully, the Lord created our brains to function with neuroplasticity so we can renew our minds daily. It’s important we think about what we are thinking about in order to become aware of what we say to ourselves. That is the first step in rewiring our thought processes, which, in turn, brings positive change and results in our lives.

Members can watch a replay of this presentation on our website.

You are invited to join me for a sunrise prayer (at least in my neighborhood) every Monday morning at 6:30PST. It’s an honor to pray for you and your business and we are believing God for great things in 2022!

]Susan Litwiller, Ed.S, MBA is a Certified Master NeuroCoach, Strengths Champion Coach, and a John Maxwell Team Training Coach. She is the Director of Education for CCNI and facilitates our Evening Women in Coaching Community group which meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 8pm EDT. She can be reached at direducation@christiancoaches.com

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