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CCNI Credential Learning Opportunity

How would being credentialed by the oldest Christian Coaching organization in the world impact your coaching business or ministry? A CCNI credential identifies you as one who coaches from a Christian perspective. You hold to a biblically based ethic. You are conversant on matters of faith and what faith brings to bear on the coaching conversation.

The CCNI credentialing program has been re-tooled to bring it into alignment with the new ICF competencies while maintaining Christian distinctives. You can see the current requirements for the Christian Certified Coach (CCC), the Christian Professional Certified Coach (CPCC), or the Christian Master Certified Coach (CMCC) on https://christiancoaches.com/credentialling

A new online application is being developed to streamline the credential application process, which will appear on our website by the end of June. It will provide a single form where you will submit all of the required documents and recordings and be directed to our payment portal. This streamlined process will enable us to process your application more quickly.

The application process is even simpler if you already hold a credential recognized by CCNI. Applicants with a current credential need only provide a recording, a transcript, and a letter of reference. Those without a credential will also need to provide proof of coach training, coaching experience, and mentor coaching.

CCNI’s credential fees are affordable! The fee for the CCC is $300 (member) or $500 (non-member). The CPCC fee is $450 ($650 non-member) and the CMCC is $550 ($750 non-member). As an added benefit, non-member fees include a 1-year membership to CCNI. Credentials are active for 3-years and can be renewed for just $75 along with proof of additional coach training.

Obtaining a credential with CCNI will indicate that your coaching ability has been examined by your peers in the Christian Coaching community and found to meet Christian Coaching standards. A CCNI credential communicates your willingness to coach within these standards and operate under a Biblical ethic.

Please join us for one of our introductory credentialing webinars this summer where we will describe more details and answer your questions. The first webinar is scheduled for June 17. You can register for the webinar here.


Joe Donaldson, ACC

About the Author: Joe Donaldson is currently the Director of Credentialing for CCNI.

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