Book Nook: “Your Best Year Ever” by Michael Hyatt

Your Best Year Ever

A 5-Step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important Goals

by Michael Hyatt

I bought this book for 3 reasons.

1) I was curious why the author thought this could be my best year ever;

2) I want to believe this can be my Best Year Ever (so far in my life); and,

3) I have benefited from other writings of Michael Hyatt.

your best year ever by michael hyatt jan 2 e1547225373648The book is based on “… practical experience and the best of current research on goal attainment … it is designed to help you find the clarity, develop the courage, and leverage the commitment you need to accomplish your most important personal and professional goals.” (Your Best Year Ever, page 16)

What were a few of my highlights from the book?

  • My beliefs are huge influencers in achieving or limiting my goals.
  • The value of reflecting on the past.
  • The power of risky goals outside our comfort zone.
  • Why “why” is powerful in our goals.

I find the “Action Plan” section in each of the 5 steps helpful. The illustrations and examples helped me absorb the material as a learner.

This book is applicable not only for me as a coach / person who wants to have my Best Year Ever in 2019 but also beneficial to me as a coach serving my clients on their journey forward. As a coach himself, the author has powerful insights into goal achievement coaching.


I recommend you obtain a copy of this book for yourself and read it with a friend. As coaches, we understand that journeys are better together!

Why could 2019 be your Best Year Ever?

Jill Clark

Life Coach, Romania

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