Author: Gary Wood

How to Be Successful

Want to know how to be successful? The answer lies both in setting direction and reaching targets – those outcomes that together inform our ‘what’s next.’ Setting direction is determined, encompassing and influencing all that follows. Reaching targets is highly focused and at its best, feeding into and supportive of the chosen direction and resulting fulfillment and satisfaction. Some outcomes in life will be the result of circumstances. Life happens.  And none of us – individuals or organizations – are resistant to external influences. Other outcomes will be reached as a result of planning and effort.  To say we...

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How Nehemiah Illustrates the Clarity Model

I want to encourage you from the life of Nehemiah. Additionally, the account of his coming back to Jerusalem and rebuilding the walls provides a practical illustration of the Clarity Model. The Clarity Model has its genesis in the Scriptures. Over and over again we see common aspects of God’s ways toward man repeated. Once discerned, these ways of God can be of great practical value in our own lives and as we help individuals and organizations around us. The Clarity Model recognizes five areas in which God speaks and acts. These are: Outcomes – God is concerned about...

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Why is Coaching Certification So Important?

Why is coaching certification so important? Because the people coaches serve are important. We really have no way of knowing the exact number of those who call themselves coaches in an unregulated profession … the low hundreds of thousands? Each training organization have their own alumni numbers. International Coach Federation, International Association of Coaches and Christian Coaches Network have their numbers but still there is no accurate aggregate. Anyone can call themselves a coach and they do. Anyone can designate someone else to be a coach and they do. Anyone can train a cadre of men and women around...

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14 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Agreeing to Serve

Over 35 years of leadership and since 1998 professionally coaching leaders and executives, I have seen far too many poorly thought through decisions made around agreeing to serve. Agreeing to take on added responsibility, particularly if you are already busy, has major consequences. It impacts time, energy and focus. Ultimately it impacts whether or not true priorities are actually achieved. Oftentimes Christian leaders and volunteers find themselves serving in areas and in ways that really don’t reflect who they are or how God has prepared them. I was really helped in this area by a book Bobb Biehl wrote,...

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Four Types of Life and Business Coaches

There are at least four types of life and business coaches. We are now half way into the second decade of the modern coaching profession. Many new developments that have taken place over these years. The landscape for professional coaching looks quite different from what it did in the early days of Thomas Leonard, considered by most to be the grand daddy of the profession. The most noticeable difference is the sheer number of those who advertise their services as a coach and the areas of society into which they provide those services. There is a coach for almost...

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