Credentialing FAQs

How will Credentialing Help Me?

  • It illustrates a serious command of coaching within the Christian realm to provide assurance to potential clients that your approach is both faith-based and rigorously accountable.
  • It separates you from an unskilled coach and demonstrates an investment in coaching education and practice.
  • It is an indication of your credibility and commitment to excellence in the ethics and standards of Christian coaching.

How Is a CCNI Credential Different Than ICF, IAC, or CCE Credentials?

Our alignment with industry standards is congruent. Where we differ is our focus on how our Christian faith integrates with coaching. No other coach credentialing organization addresses issues of Christian faith and its influence in the coaching practice. As Christians our ethical conduct is measured by an additional standard. We are duty-bound to live the tenets of our Christian faith and we have the highest respect for all people.

What Credentialing Options Are Available Through CCNI?

CCC – Certified Christian Coach (60 training hours, 100 client hours).

CPCC – Certified Professional Christian Coach (125 training hours, 500 client hours).

CMCC – Certified Master Christian Coach (200 training hours, 1500 client hours).

Application Requirements

The application process is different depending on if the applicant has a prior active coaching credential.

What are the Requirements to Earn the CCNI Credential?

Requirements for Christian Coaches with No Existing Credential
Training Hours*60 hours125 hours200 hours
Coaching Experience100 hours500 hours1,500 hours
Mentor Coaching10 hours10 hours10 hours
Christian referencesRequiredRequiredRequired
Recording & TranscriptRequiredRequiredRequired
Coaching Knowledge AssessmentRequiredRequiredRequired
Fee$200 (members)$200 (members)

$400 (inc. new membership)
$200 (members)

$400 (inc. new membership)
RenewalEvery 3 years Additional
40 Continuing Coach Education hours

$100 (members)

$300 (inc. new membership
Every 3 years Additional
40 Continuing Coach Education hours

$100 (members)

$300 (inc. new membership
Every 3 years Additional
40 Continuing Coach Education hours

$100 (members)

$300 (inc. new membership
*Training Hours must be from programs meeting ICF or CCNI Core-Competencies

Anyone who has a current coaching credential can apply for a CCNI Coaching Credential

Current Coaching CredentialProof of Credential Proof of Credential Proof of Credential
Christian referencesRequired Required Required
Fee$100 (members)

$300 (inc new membership)
$100 (members)

$300 (inc new membership)
$100 (members)

$300 (inc new membership)

Credential Application Process

  • Read the requirement descriptions.
  • Gather the documents needed to apply.
  • Complete the online application all at one time.
  • Upload the required documents into the online application.
  • Submit payment.
  • CCNI will review your application to ensure all requirements are met.
  • Assessors are assigned.
  • The assessor will provide a written assessment to the Director of Credentialing.
  • The Director of Credentialing will notify applicant of the results.

Credential Award Process

Approval – If approved, the Director of Credentialing will notify the applicant of their achieved credential designation, issues the logos and accreditation letter to applicant.

Denial – An applicant who has been advised of non-qualification for the CCNI credential may appeal the decision to the CCNI Board.

The appeal should be submitted in writing, along with a detailed reasoning for qualification, to be the The CCNI Board will issue their determination at the next scheduled board meeting. The final determination will be communicated via email to the applicant from the Director of Credentialing.

Alternately, the applicant may submit new recordings and transcripts within 6 months for re-assessment. An additional fee of $125 per recording will be charged.

Credential Renewal Process

The CCNI credential is active for three years. To renew a credential, you will need to acquire 40 hours of continuing coach education and submit the log to the CCNI office electronically. Twenty of those hours must be from CCNI events.

The continuing education log can be submitted in Word or Excel format but must contain these headings:

  • Coach Name
  • Coach Credential
  • Current Date
  • Name of Course
  • Name of Instructor
  • Date of Course
  • Total CCEU/CCE/CE per Course

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