Accreditation FAQs

CCNI Accreditation Policy And Process

The Christian Coaches Network International (CCNI) encourages programs to become CCNI Accredited for their coach training, education, and support programs. The following are standards by which all training programs must abide. 

The purpose for CCNI providing accreditation for Christian programs is to provide a biblical based platform which is recognized as one of the highest standards of achievement within the Christian coaching industry. Coach training schools, programs, and other programs that incorporate coaching that desire CCNI’s accreditation must demonstrate Christian faith principles as well as solid coaching techniques within those programs. 

All CCNI accredited program must meet the highest standards of Christian education and biblically aligned outcomes. Some programs use Christian coaching as a means to educate and improve the quality of instruction. Other programs provide Christian coaching instruction to help individuals to improve the results of their work, business, or organization. Other programs provide training for individuals to become credentialed Christian coaches.

Coach training programs recognized by CCNI will be an Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) program. Any coaching school or program that has a design to teach Christian coaching is expected to meet the standards and move their students to a level of achievement toward CCNI’s first level of credentialing, a Certified Christian Coach (CCC).

An ACSTH program approach for meeting CCNI standards includes:

  • At least 30 student contact hours. 
  • At least 80 percent of all training must focus on CCNI core competencies and delivered in synchronous activities. 
  • An agreement and clear review of  the CCNI code of ethics.
  • The rest 20 percent of the training can be delivered asynchronously and based on the subjects that aren’t invariably and implicitly related to the CCNI core competencies. 
  • A minimum of 5 observed coaching sessions. 
  • Written feedback is also mandatory for three of the five coaching sessions.

Upton the completion of an ACSTH program, any coach wanting the CCNI Certified Christian Coach (CCC) credential must complete the following:

  • The entire ACSTH program.
  • Two letters of recommendation from qualified Christian coaches. 
  • 60 Hours of coach training.
  • Proof of 100 hours of coaching experience with 60% of those hours as a paid coach.
  • 10 Hours of mentor coaching.
  • A recording and transcript of a coaching that meets the CCC requirements of the CCNI Core Competencies.
  • A signed agreement with the CCNI Statement of Faith. 
  • A signed agreement with the CCNI Code of Ethics.
  • A score of 85% on all areas of the CCNI credentialing Rubric.
  • (See the CCNI webpage for further requirements)

Required Documents

  • Organizational chart with names and position titles.
  • Names, background, credentials, and job descriptions of staff members in the training program.
  • The role of each individual serving, supporting, designing, or on the decision-making body. 
  • Documentation of the school or program standards or policies. 
  • Samples and/or links to all training materials used in the program.
  • A copy of the curricula for each course including the timelines and expectations. 
  • A copy of your self-reflection, evaluation, or debrief documents from the end of each class.
  • A completed review of the 11 rubrics with detailed responses.
  • A signed letter of agreement to the CCNI Statement of Faith.
  • A signed letter of agreement to the CCNI Code of Ethics.
  • A narrative analysis of your curriculum aligned with the CCNI Core Competencies.

CCNI Accreditation Policy And Process

A Quality Curriculum
CCNI Accredited schools must meet or exceed the highest coaching and instructional standards. CCNI accredited schools meet this requirement by developing a robust curriculum that is typically more comprehensive than that of non-accredited or non-Christian coaching schools and/or programs.

Qualified Christian Instructors
CCNI Accredited schools are expected to work with highly trained and experienced Christian coaches to ensure that students grasp and retain course material from a Christian perspective.

Providing Continuing Education Credits
CCNI Accredited schools and programs may provide Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for programs that meet the standards of Christian coaching and CCNI Core Competencies. CCNI Accredited schools and programs may also apply for Continuing Education Credits for stand-alone programs, classes, and programs that fall into compliance with the high CCNI standards.

School Certificates with CCNI Seal of Quality Christian Coaching
CCNI Accredited schools can provide certificates of completion for all the CCNI approved programs with the CCNI Seal of Quality Christian Coaching, providing a value and authenticity of the highest Christian training and programs available throughout the world.

Preparation for the CCNI Credentialing process
CCNI Accredited coaching schools prepare their students with the hours, background, and skills to meet a majority of the requirements for obtaining the appropriate CCNI Credential associated with the level of training for CCNI credential requirements.

Becoming a Member of CCNI
CCNI Accredited schools provide the students, who have completed an a CCNI credentialed class, the means to become members of CCNI at a discounted rate for their first year of membership.

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