Have you heard of Christian Coaching Magazine (CCMag)? If you haven’t, allow me this introduction!

What is CCMag?

CCMag is an online magazine published quarterly to resource Christian coaching leaders with the best in current thought and practice in the industry. The magazine contains over 450 articles, and has over 700 subscribers and 1,400 registered users.

Subscribers support the mission of the magazine by investing $15 a year. In return, subscribers have access to all of the content, current and archived, on the website.

Registered users gain free access to all archived content more than a year old.

All visitors can access video interviews with authors and coaches such as Scott Eblin, Jerome Daley, and Tod Bolsinger.

Visit this page for a sampler of articles published in the past ten years.

CCMag is your magazine!

Did you know that CCNI is the primary sponsor of CCMag?

New CCNI members receive a free one-year subscription to the magazine.

Additionally, all CCNI members also have the opportunity to increase the magazine’s value to its readers in the following ways:

Write for the magazine

Ideally, each quarterly issue will include at least six articles from members of CCNI.

When you write for the magazine, you are sharing your wisdom and expertise with other coaches and contributing to the advancement of Christian coaching. You have rights to your article and can post it on your website.

For the next two issues, I’m looking for articles addressing these themes:

  • July 2019 – The Challenges of Coaching (Submission Deadline: June 7)
  • October 2019 – The Nuts and Bolts of a Coaching Practice (Submission Deadline: September 6)

However, I’m also happy to receive articles addressing other topics. Please visit our Writer’s Guidelines page for more information about submission.

Crowdsource Coaching

Starting this upcoming issue, we are introducing a couple of new features to promote sharing and learning from among our readers.

The first feature is “Crowdsource Coaching,” where we take questions from our readers, and one question will be chosen per quarter for other coaches to answer.

In our upcoming April issue, twelve coaches will offer their answers to this question: “How do you handle friends and associates who want to be coached for free?”

If you have a question for our readers and the CCNI community to answer, please submit your question here. Your question may be featured in an upcoming issue!


Every issue has a survey so our readers and the CCNI community can respond. This survey connects with the theme of the issue. For example, one survey asked our readers: “What assessment tools do you use with your clients?” The results of this survey will be published in our April issue.

You’re invited to share your answers to these current surveys:

The results of these surveys will be published in upcoming issues.


I’m grateful for CCNI’s sponsorship of CCMag!

I look forward to our partnership in making Christian Coaching Magazine a vital and vibrant contribution to the practice and ministry of Christian coaching!

With gratitude,

Michael Cheuk, PhD, ACC
Editor, Christian Coaching Magazine