Point of Need is a program sponsored by CCNI that enables clients with financial barriers to access life coaching through CCNI member coaches who volunteer.  The result is a powerful life coaching partnership that serves the client by enabling access to a coach and serves the coach by providing coaching hours towards certifications.

What is the Point of Need Program?

Tom is a bus driver. His wife is on disability. They have four children. Tom wants his kids to have  a better life than he has had. He knows that God has a plan for his life. Yet the stress of continually working to make ends meet has taken its toll on him. He would do anything to figure a way to get out of the vicious cycle he is in with his integrity intact. He’s very interested in coaching, but he can’t afford it.                                                                                                              Oliver is a newly trained coach. For the most part he feels ready to help clients, yet lacks experience. He also needs coaching hours for credentialing, but doesn’t have enough clients yet. He also has desire to help others in need.

By pairing Tom and Oliver together, CNNI achieves one of its major strategic goals. Clients gain access to a service they normally could not afford. Member coaches gain access to clients they normally could not reach.

God created you for a purpose. There is a reason you exist. Perhaps you know your purpose, yet the ability to achieve that goal is beyond your reach. Helping you fill that gap is where we come in!

Would you like to experience the benefits of coaching but lack the resources to pay for it?

CCNI has put together a group of coaches who will help — at no cost to you. These are new coaches who have a heart for those in need. Working together, the coaches gain experience and you gain some coaching. They will work with you for at least ten coaching sessions. Your only obligation is a one-time CCNI admin fee of $20.

What is coaching?

Imagine that you are stuck. You believe there is no way out or around a situation and you just keep bumping up against the same wall. Now imagine that someone comes along and sits beside you. As you share your conundrum, this person quietly listens, reflects back to you what you are saying, what they are seeing and asks one or two questions. Before you know it, you are able to see the situation from a completely different perspective and from that vantage point, you are able to develop a viable solution to get you out of stuck mode.

Life coaching is best done from a biblical worldview. It is not proselytizing, nor is it recruiting for any belief-structure or way of doing things. Coaching is not therapy, mentoring, or counseling.

For Coaches: Point of Need coaching helps you as a CCNI member gain hours while helping a client with Life Coaching. Life coaching topics are found on the coach’s application.  If you are a coach and would be interested in participating as a Point of Need coach, please fill out an application form to be considered.

For Clients: Life coaching topics you can receive coaching around are life/work balance, money, relationships, use of time, finding God’s will, use of time, or discovering who you are. Fill out the client application form to be connected with a life coach.