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Videos of Past Events

CCNI has multiple videos from multiple years on a number of topics and coaching insights. You can search the CCNI video database by topic, presenter, or date. 

Specialized Video Training For Members Only

The following videos have been made for and by other Christian coaches. Each video is designed to give you encouragement and insights on the topic. These videos are available to watch online. They are for the use of CCNI members only. 

Entrepreneurship Using Social Media
Getting Credentialing Using Assessments
Contracts and Communication Managing Your Business
Group Coaching Additional Funding Sources
Core Competencies Business Planning
Preparing a Presentation Web Pages
Marketing Strategies Powerful Questioning
Blogs and Newsletters Setting Mastermind Groups
Coaching Integration Vision and Goals
Pricing Your Services Advertising
Zoom and Tech Services Preparing for Mentoring
Taking Notes  

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Mentor Coaches

Do you need a mentor coach? The following individuals are Christian mentor coaches.

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