Coaching Products

Step 1: Review the “pain points” of your ideal client.

  • a. What is causing your ideal client to struggle, stay awake at night, or feel that they are
  • losing the battle?
  • b. What does your idea client need that would make their life better?
  • c. What does your idea client fear the most?
  • d. What might you produce that would make the life of your ideal client more worth
  • living?
  • e. What can you produce that would take pressure off your ideal client?
  • f. What is your ideal client currently NOT getting that they really need?

Step 2: What does your “niche” need from you?

  • a. What could you produce, share, or do that makes sense for helping your perfect client?
  • b. What makes you think that your ideal client would want that?
  • c. What products or services does that client currently get or use?
  • d. What makes your service the same or better than others?
  • e. If someone else copied your product what would happen?

Step 3: What is your passion, expertise, skills, or talents that you bring to the ideal client?

  • a. What’s something about you that you feel the need to tell others?
  • a. What’s a skill you have that helps your ideal client?
  • b. What can you do that changes the fate, results, or ministry of your ideal client?
  • c. What are you talented at producing?
  • d. What are you talented at talking about?
  • e. How does your product(s) fit how God designed you?

Step 4: Dig deeper.

  • a. What have you read or researched that pulls you in?
  • b. What training have you had on it?
  • c. If someone was listening to you, what are some of the top things you would say?
  • d. How have you taught or used your product before?
  • e. Who else has a product like yours?
  • f. Who else can help you shape the details of your product?

Step 5: Establish the method for delivery.

  • a. What’s your venue for delivering your product?
  • b. Who presents your product?
  • c. What needs to change to present your product?
  • d. What’s the perfect setting for you to present your product?
  • e. Who else presents a product like yours?
  • f. How might someone get your product if they didn’t get it from you?
  • g. What can you do to make the delivery of your product better than others?

Step 6: Plan how to make your product a reality.

  • a. What’s your plan to finish one of your products?
  • b. Who do you need help from to do the initial production of your product?
  • c. What’s your time frame?
  • d. Who will help you sharpen your product to make it better?
  • e. What is the ideal medium for the delivery of your product?

Step 7: Get it done.

  • a. Who is an ideal client that you can work with?
  • b. How will you document your work?
  • c. How will you practice or implement your work?
  • d. What should be delegated to someone else?
  • e. Who can you team with to get things done?

Step 8: Timelines and Accountability

  • a. How committed are you to selling your work?
  • b. How do you want to be accountable this week?
  • c. How do you want to be accountable for completion?