Hello! For anyone interested in receiving the additional resources mentioned in my session Don’t Push My Buttons! Unlearning Emotional Reactivity, here they are:

1) Reframing Worksheet: to guide you personally, or to help guide your clients through the reframing process.  Click here to download PDF

2) Coaching sample: an audio recording of taking a client, (in this case my friend Carrie, a fellow CCNI member) through the reframing process. Because I tried to keep it to a demo length, I skipped through parts of the strategy that I normally would have coached through. Note: Carrie was unfamiliar with the reframing process of Autopsying the Moment. This demo is to show that you can walk your clients through it even if they don’t have detailed information about their buttons. Click here to listen to audio recording

3) Don’t Push My Buttons! eBook. So, I created an ebook so that you would have more information, examples and opportunities to practice yourself. You can find it HEREUse the code:CCNI to receive 25% off. 

Thanks for letting me be a part of your eSummit experience. I’m praying blessings over you as you walk out everything you learned, so that God will be glorified in your coaching.