CCMag is an online magazine which is published every quarter . . . and the most recent edition was published in April 2019.  If you are a subscriber to CCMag, take some time to read a few articles. I believe five CCNI members wrote an article for the April 2019 edition.  This edition focused on the topic of assessments.

If you do not have a subscription to CCMag, but would like to, you can subscribe by clicking here.  The cost is just $15/yr.

The Summer 2019 edition will include a “Crowdsource Coaching” question and a survey.  If you would like to participate, see below.

“Crowdsource Coaching” Question

“What are your primary key learning(s) in hosting virtual coaching groups?”
How tightly to hold to a curriculum?
How much to charge?
Length of group / number of weeks?
Best days and times of day?
What online platform do you use? Google Hangouts? Zoom? Others?
Greatest challenges?

Please submit your answer here.

Upcoming Survey

Please click on the question to respond – What’s your greatest coaching challenge?

Thank you!