We are preparing to present something new that has repeatedly been an area of need and concern for our membership. With that in mind, we are inviting you to attend CCNI’s first Coaching Business Summit.

As you know, there are times when we have gone through our coaching training, yet we struggle with some part of making our coaching business more vibrant. With that in mind, the team of CCNI has gathered 10 amazing speakers, with thriving coaching practices, to each present one topic pertaining to strengthening your coaching business. The topics include:

  • Money Matters (Everything dealing with Money)
  • Profit Matters: Building a Business that Benefits Everyone
  • Marketing Your Business with Less Stress
  • Getting Clients
  • How to Package and Price Your Coaching Services
  • Team Coaching
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Building Your Coaching Practice

The space for this event is limited to about 80 people, so if you want to attend, please register early. We’ve made the cost minimal and for one price you get to attend all ten events, and all the repeat events.

We will have one event each day, Monday through Friday, June 7-18. The times of those events will vary. Then, Monday through Friday, June 21-July 2, we will repeat a recording of one of the events on a different day and time. Why? For two reasons. If you had to miss one of the initial events, you can participate in the repeat. Or, if you loved the event the first time and want to hear it again, gain further insights, and keep growing in that specific topic, then you’ll have the opportunity.

There is lot going on with this Coaching Business Summit and you’ll not want to miss it. It is the like having a personal Christian Business Coach – helping you to move your business forward.

Are you ready to take your coaching business to the next level? Then sign up today!

Download this PDF to see the complete schedule:

CCNI Business Summit Schedule PDF