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Introducing Your Drill Instructors

First Platoon D.I.’s

Thursday 11 October 2018

Dr. Michael Marx, CPCC, PCC

Dr. Michael Marx, CPCC, PCC

Founder, New Trails Coaching

Oct 11th – 10:00 am ET

Giving Orders or Going With The Flow

One of the greatest challenges facing a coach is knowing how to use direct communication without being directive. This webinar will focus on the ethical ramifications of going too far thus offending the client. Professionalism in coaching means finding the balance between helping the client with what they want and giving them what they need. This webinar will help you ensure that you have the client’s best interests at heart. BIO

Jonathan Reitz, MCC

Jonathan Reitz, MCC


Oct 11TH – 12:30 pm ET

Drop and Give Me 20: The Many Faces of Coaching Presence

Masterful coaches know that they have a secret weapon: their unique coaching presence. Unlike the rest of the competencies, there’s no formula or easy skill set that defines coaching presence. You have to practice to nail it. How do you find yours? Coaching presence looks different with every coach, in fact it changes from relationship-to-relationship. In this Bootcamp Session, explore what it takes to develop your coaching presence, how it differs at the three credential levels and flesh out strategies to make your coaching presence an unique asset that differentiates your coaching. We’ll even look at an assessment that gives clues to what your coaching presence might be like and how you can leverage your behavioral strengths to serve your clients beyond their wildest dreams! BIO

Dr. Keith Webb, PCC

Dr. Keith Webb, PCC

Founder, Creative Results Management

Oct 11th – 3:00 pm ET

You Need To Discuss Emotions For Bottomline Results

Some coaches are uncomfortable with conversations that involve emotions. It’s easy for results-oriented coaches to dismiss these conversations as a distraction from the real work of achieving results. Strong emotions are not an automatic indicator of the need to refer a client to a therapist. Discussing emotions in coaching is essential for transformational results. This session will provide 5 steps to coach emotional self-awareness. BIO

John Ramstead, ACC, CPLC

John Ramstead, ACC, CPLC

CEO, Beyond Influence, Inc.

Oct 11th – 5:30 pm ET

Growing Your Coaching Business Through Referrals

John Ramstead has grown a thriving coaching practice and will be sharing the 5 steps to creating an effective referral program. You will learn exactly what it takes to be referred to your ideal client and how to implement a simple yet effective system for yourself. BIO

Second Platoon D.I.’s

Friday 12 October 2018

Nick Wright

Nick Wright


Oct 12th – 10:00 am ET

Appreciative Coaching

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a way of inspiring and facilitating change in organisations. Its focus is on vision and what is working well, in contrast to traditional problem-solving approaches. This webinar will introduce AI, its resonances with biblical material and its potential applications to coaching thinking and practice. By the end of this webinar, you will have: 1) An awareness of the core ideas that AI is based on; 2) An awareness of what AI can look like as a method; 3) An understanding of how AI resonates with biblical material; 4) An awareness of some of the tensions with Christian theology; and, 5) An idea of how to apply AI within a coaching context. BIO

Chris McCluskey, PCC

Chris McCluskey, PCC

President/CEO, Professional Christian Coaching Institute

Oct 12th – 12:30 pm ET

Winning the War Within: Facing the Fears of Growing Your Coaching Business

All of us came to the field of professional coaching thrilled at the prospect of making a living doing what we love — helping people turn potential into reality. Many, however, were not nearly so thrilled with the notion of building a business to enable us to do that, and thus began the war within. This workshop takes a coach approach to exploring a range of internal conflicts that can sabotage the launch & growth of your coaching business. Attendees will leave with a personalized list of internal tensions most likely to undermine your business-building efforts and the beginnings of a plan to address them proactively. BIO

Janice LaVore-Fletcher MMC, CPCC, PCC, CMC

Janice LaVore-Fletcher MMC, CPCC, PCC, CMC

Founder, Christian Coach Institute

Oct 12th – 3:00 pm ET

Secret Tactics For Recruiting Best-Fit Clients

Top military recruiters have an effective process to identify and select top recruits. Similarly, coaches must have a process to identify and gain paying clients. In this session, you will learn how to 1) Concisely communicate who you are and what you do in a way that creates desire for potential clients to learn more; 2) Identify clients that may be a “best fit”; and, 3) Schedule and conduct an effective, powerful “recruitment” conversation. These proven successful tactics will help you turn an interested client into an invested and paying client! Core competencies to be highlighted: Active listening, Powerful Questioning, Creating Awareness. BIO

Cathy Lee, CCC, ACC

Cathy Lee, CCC, ACC

Founder, Cathy Lee Coaching

Oct 12th – 5:30 pm ET

Aim for the Bullseye With Client Assessments

Cathy Lee, ACC, CCC will facilitate this interactive session to explore how incorporating insights gained from client assessments can elevate your coaching and empower your clients. Whether you use commercial personality assessments or simply ask good intake questions, scope out how to listen for those individual traits and preferences in order to aim more powerful questions directly on target, creating a burst of new thinking. BIO

Third Platoon D.I.’s

Saturday 13 October 2018

Tim Cosby, CPCC

Tim Cosby, CPCC

President & CEO, Empowerment Coaching Network

Oct 13th – 10:00 am ET

Holding Focus (Attention!) and Being There (At Ease!): How to Coach in the Moment and Stay Focused on the Goal

Coaches feel the tension between being there in the moment with the client, while helping them to stay focused on achieving their goal. In Bootcamp terms, it’s the difference between being at “Attention” and “At ease.” If the coach is like a Non-Commissioned Officer, when do we call people to “Attention,” and when do we say, “At ease?” When a client is at “Attention” they are focused on their critical path to achieve their goal. When they’re “At ease,” they’re not as focused, but their personal needs are still a priority. How do we live in this tension as a coach. Which one is more important? These skills fall under several CCNI Coaching Competencies: “Coaching Presence; Designing Actions, Planning and Goal Setting, and Managing Progress and Accountability.” BIO


Chad Hall, MCC

Chad Hall, MCC

President & Co-Founder Coach Approach Ministries

Oct 13th – 12:30 pm ET

When the Coach Is the Expert

Many coaches were trained that the coach has all the questions and the client has all the answers. While that’s mostly true, sometimes the client wants and needs some expertise from the coach. But how do you offer expertise without losing the power of coaching? How do you offer some expertise without being the answer-person, the mentor, or the consultant? In this session, we’ll explore four styles of coaching that describe the varying degrees of expertise the coach can bring and how you can occupy each of these styles as a coach. BIO

Gary Wood, CMCC, PCC, BCC

Gary Wood, CMCC, PCC, BCC

Founder, G.E. Wood & Associates

Oct 13th – 3:00 pm ET

Saturday is Here, but Burnout is Coming

You probably already know a number of steps to beat burnout, but you (or your client) probably aren’t taking them.

Knowing what to do and actually doing it are usually miles apart for most leaders, professionals and organizations.

In one hour, we can’t comprehensively cover a topic like dealing with burnout, but we’re going to pack an absolute boatload of insights and an equal amount of tools and solutions into the time we have.

Hold on to your seat. This is going to move really fast. It might be Saturday and you’d rather be goofing off. But for the next decade of client work, you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t attend this webinar.

So, do attend. In person.

Don’t let ANY of your clients escalate and accelerate from stress to overload to burnout. BIO

Cheryl Scanlan, CMCC, MCC

Cheryl Scanlan, CMCC, MCC

Founder, Way of Life Coaching

Oct 13th – 5:30 pm ET

Successful Contracting

Contracting is an art but thankfully incorporates several key process elements, that when followed, help to generate clear and simple agreements that create win/win corporate engagements. Cheryl Scanlan will walk you through the key contracting components that create ethically strong, client-centered corporate engagements. She will also provide you with supporting questions and important personal considerations as you develop these contracts. BIO

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